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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


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index of parent directory
A Structural Model For Student Outcomes.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.3M
ASJA Law and Policy Report.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 82K
An Outline for Assessment Plans.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 359K
An Updated Criteria Checklist for an Assessment Program.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 333K
Assessing Student Development and Learning in the Cocurricular.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 836K
Closing the Loop.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 656K
Colleges Urge To Better Define Academic Integrity And To St.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 485K
CongressMayBoost.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 65K
Customer Service - A Key Unifying Force.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 24M
Dishonor & Distrust.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.2M
Doing Assessment As If Learning Matters Most.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.0M
E-Cheating - Combating a 21st Century Challenge.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 806K
E-Service for Academics.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 94K
Faculty Play a Crucial Academic Integrity Role.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 433K
Faculty and Academic Integrity - The Influence of Current H.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 2.0M
Health Problems of College Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 192K
Helping High School Students Understand Academic Integrity.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.6M
Henson_grant.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.3M
Honesty and Honor Codes.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.2M
Honor Codes and Other Contexual Influences on Academic Integrity.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 5.2M
Identifying Projects that Deliver Outcomes.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 936K
Integrated Strategic Planning.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.6M
Is College Dangerous (Health).pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 20M
Lowery2004WinstonInstitute.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 149K
Minimizing the Impact of Politics on Assessment.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 732K
OnlineLegalIssues.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 166K
OpeningDoorsforStudents.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 82K
Outcomes Assessment in Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.1M
Part 2 - Defining Program Review.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 687K
PayingAttentiontoStudents.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 72K
PressingLegalIssues.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 116K
Quality Customer Service (Valdosta State).pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 48K
RemovingtheScarletLetter.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 81K
ServingStudents.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 91K
Student Expectations (Customer Service).pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 56K
The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.7M
The Reasonable Plagiarist - Understanding Students Who Misu.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.7M
The Relationship Between Outcomes, Measurement, and Decisio.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 963K
The Updated Outline For Assessment Plans.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 789K
Toward a Culture of Academic Honesty.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 781K
Untitled.log 15-Sep-2005 12:56 217
Using Performance-based Assessment.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 1.3M
Using Professional Standards.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 836K
VanZantArticle.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 791K
WS_FTP.LOG 15-Sep-2005 12:56 27K
What We Are Learning About Academic Integrity.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 3.6M
Writing Measurable and Meaningful Outcomes.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 971K

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index of parent directory
A Campus-Community Coalition to Control Alcohol related Problems off Campus.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 876K
A Structured Freshman Year for AtRisk Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 1.2M
A Systems Approach to Financial Management for Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 238K
A practical guide to alcohol abuse prevention.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 2.6M
Achieving Academic Success with Ethnically Diverse Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 645K
Alcohol and other drug prevention on college campuses.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 1.3M
Applying Focus Groups in Student Affairs Assessment.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 181K
Asian International Students' Adjustment.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 199K
Assessing Programmatic Needs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 347K
Beating the Odds.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 667K
Black Students on White Campuse.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 899K
Collaborative Common Ground.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 292K
Community. The Value of Social Synergy.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 262K
Complying with the Congressional Mandates and the Practice of Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 263K
Contemplating the Myths of Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 229K
Contributions of International Students and Programs to Campus Diversity.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 314K
Creating Conditions for Student Development in Campus Learning Environments.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 233K
Cultural Competence.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 200K
Current and Emerging Applications of Technology to Promote Student Involvement and Learning.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 835K
Effect of Financial Constraints on Student Affairs Services.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 644K
Facilitating Transfer of First Generation Community College Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 285K
Guiding Principles for Evaluating Student and Academic Affairs Partnerships.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 200K
Identifying the Problems and Needs of Nontraditional Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 241K
Incorporating Technology.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 292K
Information Technology and Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 458K
Maintaining an Ethical Balance in Student Orientation Programs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 242K
Managing a Student Affairs Team.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 185K
Meeting the Needs of All Students and Staff Members.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 346K
Mid-Level Student Affairs Administrators.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 291K
Multicultural Organization Development in Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 250K
Organization Budgeting and Staffing.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 302K
Our present, your future.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 4.1M
Partnerships and Collaboration.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 156K
Personal Narrative of An Asian American's Experience with Racism.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 601K
Planning Developmental Interventions for Adult Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 251K
Planning and Assessment Equal Accountability.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 204K
Practicing What We Preach. Gay Student's Perceptions.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 303K
Predictors of College Success.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 774K
Preserving Student Affairs in Times of Fiscal Constraint.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 371K
Project CARE.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 305K
Restructuring Student Services.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 713K
Social marketing strategies for Campus Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 2.4M
Staff Development.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 109K
Student Affairs Leadership and Loyalty.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 285K
Student Development and the College Curriculum.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 260K
Student Services and Retention for Welfare Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 249K
The Chief Student Affairs Officer and Leadership Effectiveness.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 179K
The Developmental Conversation.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 260K
The Essential Values of the Profession.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 219K
The Future of High School Career and Technical Education.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 92K
The Integration of Technology with the Management of Student Services.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 390K
The Intentionally Structured Group Freshman Seminar.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 345K
The Legal and Developmental Perspectives.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 311K
The Mid-manager in Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 323K
The Role of External Funding for Cultural Diversity Programming.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 413K
The Role of Student Affairs in Fostering Cultural Diversity in Higher Education.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 262K
Tools for tomorrow.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 4.0M
Using Assessment to Achieve Quality in Student Affairs.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 206K
Values and Principles Guiding Technology Decision Making for the Future.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 467K
View from Community Colleges.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:55 306K
WS_FTP.LOG 15-Sep-2005 12:55 2.1K
_vti_cnf/ 14-Jul-2006 16:14 -

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index of parent directory
Academic_Honesty.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 92K
Customer_Service.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 83K
FERPA_and_Student_Affairs_in_Georgia.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 98K
Grant_Writing_in_Student_Services.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 104K
Health_and_Wellness_of_Students.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 105K
Program_Evaluation.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 112K
Prospect_Worksheet.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 28K
Student_Outcomes_Assessment.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 66K
disabilities.pdf 15-Sep-2005 12:56 160K

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index of parent directory

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