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Friday, May 30, 2008

Home Improvement

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Pass for all files below:

Deck Building Books (15 Books)

Decks - A Showcase Deck Plans
Decks - Building A Deck of a Lifetime
Decks - Changes In Pressure Treated Wood For Residental Construction
Decks - Colorado Building Decks Guide
Decks - Compact Garden Deck
Decks - Deck Construction
Decks - Deck DIY Plans
Decks - Decking Lumber Options
Decks - Denver Building Decks Guide
Decks - Details For A Lasting Deck
Decks - Making Guardrails Look Good
Decks - Railing and Steps
Decks - Refacing Edges Of Old Decks
Decks - Secrets to Great Decks
Decks - Typical Deck Details
Decks - Winnipeg Building Decks Guide

Concrete, Masonry and Stone Work Books (106 Books)

Theoretical Failure Surfaces - ts597
Retaining Walls - Terraces
Retaining Walls - Stairs and Steps
Retaining Walls - Curves
Retaining Walls - Corners
Retaining Wall Installation - Tricks of the Trade - ts596
Retaining Wall Design Considerations for Qualified Engineers ..
Retaining Wall Construction - Various PDFs
RediRock_ Installation_ Manual
Proper Water Managment - ts1197
poured_ concrete_ retaining_ walls primer
Perpendicular Steps With Right Angle Corners - Ts896
Perpendicular Steps Set Into The Wall Face - ts996
Miter Cutting Outside Corners - ts296
Masonry Wall Construction - A. Hendry, F. Khalaf (Spon, 2001) WW
Masonry Instant Answers (Jaffe, McGraw Hill 2004 )
Masonry - Stone Walling
Masonry - Some Secrets of Stone Construction
Masonry - Simple Stone Projects
Masonry - Setting Flag Stones
Masonry - Segmental Retaining Walls
Masonry - Segmental Block Retaining Walls
Masonry - Retaining Wall Tutorial
Masonry - Repairing a Stone Foundation
Masonry - Remove Mortar and Stains
Masonry - Installing A Brick Walkway
Masonry - Concrete Masonry Handbook
Masonry - Concrete And Masonry Handbook
Masonry - Clay and Brick Paver Dictionary
Masonry - Building Brick Stairs
Masonry - Building a Stone Retaining Wall
Masonry - Building a Sea Wall
Masonry - Building a Patio, Brick by Brick
Masonry - Build Your Own Patio
Masonry - Build Your Own Natural Stone Patio
Masonry - Build a stone wall
Masonry - Brick Work
Masonry - Brick Laying handbook
Masonry - Brick Barbecue Construction
Masonry - Block Laying Basics
Masonry - A Stone Veneer Foundation
Lessons Learned From Wall Failure - ts1097
Landscape_ Walls_ Guide_ 2006
How Soils Can Work For You - ts1295
How Does Geogrid Work With Allan Block - ts396
Herbs and Spices for the Home Garden h-221
grid tech sheet
Geogrids Make Retaining Walls Stronger (Article)
Garden Wall poster
freestanding_ wall
ERS_ FH8x21
ERS_ CIP8x21
ERS_ CIP8x21
Earthquakes - What Happens - ts696
Designing Tiered Retaining Walls - ts1297
Designing Balance into Your Retaining Wall Project - ts598
Concrete Walkways
Concrete Slabs
Concrete Casting Blocks and Shapes
Concrete - Working With Shotcrete
Concrete - Tips for Crack-Free Concrete Slabs
Concrete - Structural_ Details In Concrete (Blackwell Scientific 1992)
Concrete - Pouring Concrete
Concrete - Pouring a Concrete Pad
Concrete - Post-Tensioned Slabs
Concrete - Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete
Concrete - Manual of Ready-Mixed Concrete (2nd ed 1992)
Concrete - Designing Concrete Basement Walls
Concrete - Creative Concrete Stamping
Concrete - Concrete Basics
Concrete - Chemical Admixtures for Concrete 3rd ed - R. Rixom, N. Mailvaganam (1999) WW
Concrete - Can You Substitute Synthetic Fibers for Wire Mesh
Concrete - Anticracking Tips
Concrete - A Guide To Using Concrete for Slab Projects
Compaction Explained - ts997
Classic Install Eng 9-6L
Caring For Your Retaining Walls - ts797
Building Parallel Steps With Round Corners - ts796
Building Bigger Gravity Walls - ts196
Building 90º Corners - Ts298
Analyzing Internal Stability of a Composite Mass - ts697
300 Entry Monument
290 BBQ
280 pond
260 Full Courtyard Wall
250 six unit mailbox
230 interlocking walls and posts
220 building posts
210 customizing block shapes
200 larger radiuses
190 building with walls posts
180 corners
170 light posts
160 stepping down
150 strength to wall
140 taller posts
130 building curves
120 building a wall
110 wall panel tips
100 block shapes

Growing Roses Books (10 Books)

Roses - Growing HGIC1172
Roses - Diseases HGIC2106
Roses - General Care Information
Roses - Growing H-165
Roses - Growing MF799
Roses - growing_ roses
Roses - More on Growing Roses
Roses - Types of Roses
Roses HO-128

Drainage Books (9 Books)

Drainage - Foundation Repair Association
Drainage - Earthwork_ grading engineering - French Drains
Drainage - Foolproof Cure for Wet Basements
Drainage - Foundation Drainage
Drainage - House
Drainage - Installing Sheet Piles
Drainage - Pipe Installation Guide
Drainage - Structural Design And Laying Of Underground Drains
Drainage - Water Diversion

Saltwater Fish, Corals & Aquarium Books (12 Books)

Fish - A Guide to Saltwater Aquarium
Fish - A-Z Fish Diseases
Fish - Basic Aquarium Guide
Fish - DIY_ Aquarium
Fish - FINS Glossary
Fish - How To Build a Simple DIY Aquarium Trap
Fish - Pet GoldFish
Fish - Setting up an Aquarium
Fish - The Complete Aquarium Guide
Fish - The Complete Guide to Aquariums
Fish - Tropical Fish Secrets
Fish - Working with Acrylic for DIY Aquariums

Flooring Books (21 Books)

Flooring - Installing Vinyl Tile
Flooring - Carpet Installation Basics
Flooring - Choosing Laminate Flooring
Flooring - Detailing Laminate Flooring
Flooring - How To Repair Floors Basics
Flooring - Installing Bamboo Flooring
Flooring - Installing Floor Tile
Flooring - Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Flooring - Installing Tile Radiant Heat Floor
Flooring - Installing Wood Floors
Flooring - Laminate Flooring Installation Basics
Flooring - Laying Hardboard or Plywood Flooring
Flooring - No-Callback Carpet Installation
Flooring - Professional Tile Layout
Flooring - Repairing Hardwood Floors
Flooring - Restoring Wood Floors Without Sanding
Flooring - Secrets of a Floor Refinisher
Flooring - Tiling Floors
Flooring - Vinyl Floors
Floorings - Wall to Wall Carpetings

Toilet Repair Book (23 Books)

Toilet - 12 Step Toilet Installation
Toilet - FAQ
Toilet - Fixing Flush Valves
Toilet - FluidMaster - How It Works
Toilet - How It Works
Toilet - How Toilets Work
Toilet - Kohler - Placid Model - Exploded Parts View
Toilet - Popular Mechanics - What's Wrong With Your Toilet_
Toilet - ReFill Valve Repair and Replacement
Toilet - Replacing Handle Seat Tank Information
Toilet - Troubleshoot a Fluidmaster Ballcock
Toilet - Troubleshoot a Flushmate
Toilet - Wax Seal Replacement
Toilets - Fast Fixes for Closet Flanges
Toilets - Fluidmaster - 7500_ instructions
Toilets - Fluidmaster - 7503_ instructions
Toilets - Fluidmaster - 7504_ instructions
Toilets - Flushing Upward
Toilets - Making Simple Toilet Repairs
Toilets - Repairing A Bubbling Toilet
Toilets - Replacing a Toilet
Toilets - Toilet and Waste Pipe
Troubleshooting - Taps Shower Toilet

Washing Machine Service Manual (5 Books)

Washing Machines - GE ( Hotpoint RCA Moffat McClary) Washer Diagnostic Chart (from 1995 on)
Washing Machine - Inside your Washer
Washing Machines - Inglis Common Problems and Repairs
Washing Machines - Maytag SE1000 Symptoms, fault codes
Washing Machines - Troubleshooting Direct Drive Clothes Washers

Pass for all files above:

Volume 1

3-Way Switches.pdf
Annuals and Perennials.pdf
Asphalt Drives.pdf
Attached Decks.pdf
Attracting Birds.pdf
Basic Decks.pdf
Biological Pollutants in Your Home.pdf
Board Fences.pdf
Brick Walls.pdf
Broken Windows.pdf
Building Driveways.pdf
Caulking and Stripping.pdf
Ceiling Fan Hookups.pdf
Ceiling Tile.pdf
Ceramic Floor Tile.pdf
Ceramic Wall Tile.pdf
Chain Link Fences.pdf
Child Safety.pdf
Chimes and Doorbells.pdf
Circuit Breakers.pdf
Climate Control.pdf
Clogged Drains.pdf
Closet Organizers.pdf
Clothes Washers.pdf
Combustion Pollutants In Your Home.pdf
Concrete Mixing.pdf
Concrete Repairs.pdf
Concrete Slabs.pdf
Concrete Walkways.pdf

Volume 2

Control Vegetable Pests Organically.pdf
Controlling Turf Pests.pdf
Copper Pipe.pdf
Deciduous Trees and Shrubs.pdf
Deck Covers.pdf
Decorative Paint Finishes.pdf
Dish Washers.pdf
Disposal Trouble.pdf
Divider Walls.pdf
Door Locksets.pdf
Drill Know-How.pdf
Drip Irrigation.pdf
Drywall Joints.pdf
DWV Systems.pdf
Electric Hot Water.pdf
Energy Efficient Lighting.pdf
Evergreen Trees and Shrubs.pdf
Extending Electrical Service.pdf
Extending Existing Wire.pdf
Exterior Painting.pdf
Fine Finishes.pdf
Flat Roof Repairs.pdf
Flowing Gutters.pdf
Flush Toilets.pdf
Foam Back Carpet.pdf
Fuse Failures.pdf
Garage Door Openers.pdf
Gas Hot Water.pdf

Volume 3

Grass Carpeting.pdf
Greener Grass.pdf
Ground Covers.pdf
Hanging Ceiling.pdf
Hanging Doors.pdf
Hanging Shelving.pdf
Hanging Wallpaper.pdf
Home Composting.pdf
Household Hazards.pdf
How to Miter.pdf
Indoor Air Quality.pdf
Indoor Pollutants.pdf
Install Bathtub.pdf
Install Plank Flooring.pdf
Install Recess Lighting.pdf
Install Shower.pdf
Install Track Lighting.pdf
Install Windows.pdf
Installing Glass Block.pdf
Installing Sinks.pdf
Installing Thermostats.pdf
Insulate an Attic.pdf
Insulate Side Walls.pdf
Insulation - How Much Is Enough.pdf
Interior Painting.pdf
Lavatory Put-In.pdf
Lawn Fertilizers.pdf

Volume 4

Laying Bricks.pdf
Laying Shingles.pdf
Leaky Faucets.pdf
Making a Water Garden.pdf
Modern Stains.pdf
Molding Magic.pdf
Mower Tune Ups.pdf
Nails and Screws.pdf
Organic Flower Gardening.pdf
Organic Lawn Care.pdf
Organic Vegetable Gardening.pdf
Outdoor Wiring.pdf
Paint Appliers.pdf
Paint Problems.pdf
Parquet Squares.pdf
Patching Plaster.pdf
Patio Doors.pdf
Phone Hook Ups.pdf
Picket Fences.pdf
Picture Framing.pdf
Plan a Bathroom - Install Toilets.pdf
Plan and Install Kitchen Cabinets.pdf
Plants for Dry Climates.pdf
Plastic Laminate.pdf
Plastic Pipe.pdf
Plugs Cords and Sockets.pdf
Pool Care.pdf
Prehung Doors.pdf
Pressure-Treated Lumber.pdf
Pruning Trees and Shrubs.pdf

Volume 5

Rail Fences.pdf
Railing and Steps.pdf
Removing Finishes.pdf
Room Dividers.pdf
Router Know-How.pdf
Safe and Secure.pdf
Sanding Abrasive.pdf
Screen Repair.pdf
Selection and Use of Hand and Power Tools.pdf
Selection and Use of Wood and Plywood.pdf
Setting Stones.pdf
Shingles and Shakes.pdf
Shower Doors.pdf
Spraying Paint.pdf
Stairs and Landings.pdf
Starting a Lawn.pdf
Steel Pipe.pdf
Stop Wood Rot.pdf
Sump Pumps.pdf
Suspended Ceilings.pdf
Switches and Outlets.pdf
Tiling Floors.pdf
Underground Sprinklers.pdf
Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets.pdf
Varnish and Enamel.pdf
Venting Attics.pdf
Video Hook Ups.pdf
Vinyl Floors.pdf
Wall Panelling.pdf
Wall to Wall Carpetings.pdf
Water Conservation.pdf
Water Quality In  Your Home.pdf
Waterwise Gardening.pdf
What Is Radon.pdf
Window Insulation Film.pdf
Wires and Wiring.pdf
Wood Joints.pdf

50Mb AIO


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