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Friday, May 30, 2008


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Parent Directory -
APE-A/ 04-Dec-2006 13:46 -
APE-C/ 04-Dec-2006 13:46 -
AttKortslutaUtb.Syst.doc 10-Nov-2001 18:49 159K
AttKortslutaUtb.Syst.pdf 10-Nov-2001 18:49 33K
CyberMath-ICDE2001.pdf 22-Nov-2001 18:00 499K
CyberMath-Intro.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 1.3M
CyberMath-Intro.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 240K
CyberMath-SIGGRAPH.pdf 31-Oct-2001 19:04 209K
Edu-Design-Patterns-Math.pdf 16-Feb-2002 18:28 234K
Edu-Design-Patterns-Math.ppt 16-Feb-2002 18:20 288K
Euclid-Alone.pdf 11-Feb-2002 13:17 3.8K
FLIT-MatematikFilosofi.pdf 19-Jul-2004 12:33 99K
Fran_Formler_till_Form.doc 26-Jun-2003 14:38 28K
Fran_Formler_till_Form.pdf 26-Jun-2003 14:38 27K
GAwithConzilla.pdf 25-Feb-2002 11:10 893K
GeometricToolbox-project.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 23K
GeometricToolbox-project.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 22K
ICME2004-ICT-enhanced-math-ed.pdf 20-Apr-2004 19:57 1.5M
ICME2004-On_designing.pdf 20-Apr-2004 19:57 517K
InteraktivaLaromedeliMatematik.pdf 26-Jun-2003 14:38 71K
LiveGraphics3D.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 50K
LiveGraphics3D.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 109K
Matemagi/ 04-Dec-2006 13:46 -
MathComponentArchives.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 27K
MathComponentArchives.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 24K
MathViz_report_May_2002.doc 07-Jun-2002 18:09 1.2M
MathViz_report_May_2002.pdf 07-Jun-2002 18:09 1.5M
Nolleforelasning.pdf 26-Jun-2003 14:38 1.0M
Olav_rapport_final.pdf 29-Aug-2006 17:56 445K
PCHemmamars2003.pdf 26-Jun-2003 16:05 163K
PICME-Nilsson-Naeve.pdf 06-May-2003 13:18 381K
ProblemLosningPaDistans.doc 26-Jun-2003 14:38 23K
ProblemLosningPaDistans.pdf 26-Jun-2003 14:38 4.7K
ProjectiveDrawingBoard.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 142K
ProjectiveDrawingBoard.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 130K
PunktFokus.pdf 14-Feb-2002 17:31 727K
PunktFokus.ppt 14-Feb-2002 17:07 2.1M
Samspelet-mat-vetensk.pdf 18-Feb-2002 10:01 166K
Samspelet-mat-vetensk.ppt 18-Feb-2002 09:58 198K
UR-barn-matte-rapport.pdf 29-Aug-2006 17:56 552K
VME-DesignGoals.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 31K
VME-DesignGoals.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 34K
VME-WalkThrough.doc 20-Feb-2002 12:39 536K
VME-WalkThrough.pdf 20-Feb-2002 12:39 1.1M
VirtualMathExploratorium/ 04-Dec-2006 13:46 -
VirtuellaMiljöbyggare.pdf 19-Jul-2004 12:33 160K
cid_49.pdf 31-Oct-2001 17:19 217K
cid_109.pdf 01-Nov-2001 15:46 165K
mathematics_educational_reform.doc 23-Oct-2001 10:36 2.6M
mathematics_educational_reform.pdf 23-Oct-2001 10:36 2.4M

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index of parent directory
A Categorization Method for French Legal Documents on the Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 30k
A Categorization Method for French Legal Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 30k
A Clustering-Based Algorithm for Automatic.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 53k
A Common Theory of Information Fusion from Multiple Text Sources.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 441k
A Comparative Study on Feature Selection in Text Categorization.html 27-Sep-2003 17:04 23k
A Comparative Study on Feature Selection in Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 1.3M
A Comparative Study on Statistical Machine.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 82k
A Comparison of Word- and Sense-based.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 421k
A Framework for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 163k
A Hybrid Approach to Optimize Feature Selection Process in Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 123k
A Hybrid Text Classic_cation Approach for Analysis of Student Essays.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 111k
A Large Benchmark Dataset for Web Document Clustering.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 69k
A Logical Framework for Analyzing Properties of Multimedia Web Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 159k
A Maximal Figure-of-Merit Learning Approach.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 327k
A Metadata Generation Framework for Heterogeneous Information Sources.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 241k
A New Model and Implementation of Multivalent Documents.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:04 630k
A People-Smart Approach to Categorization The Convergence of Manual & Automated.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 510k
A Repetition Based Measure for Verification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 193k
A Study on Optimal Parameter Tuning.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 263k
A Study on Thresholding Strategies.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 156k
A Text Categorization Perspective for Ontology Mapping.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 51k
A Tutorial on Automated Text Categorisation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 702k
A Tutorial on Automated Text Categorization.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:04 9k
A Tutorial on Boosting A Tutorial on.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 194k
A framework for automatic combination of media contents by.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 213k
A grand research challenge-Plug and play architecture for knowledge management.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 23k
A hierarchical text categorization approach and its application to FRT expansion.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 277k
A re-examination of text categorization methods.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 258k
A robust model for intelligent text classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 124k
A scalability analysis of classifiers in text categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 237k
A study on optimal parameter tuning for.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 791k
ATCbibliography_bib.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:05 701k
An Automatic Web Information Extraction Technique using HPS Algorithm.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:04 234k
An Evolutionary Approach to Automatic Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 342k
An Experiment in Using Lexical Disambiguation to Enhance Information Access.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:05 432k
An Improved Boosting Algorithm and its Application toText Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 206k
Analysis of Regularized Linear Functions for Classification Problems.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 388k
ApMl (All Purpose Machine Learning) Toolkit.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:05 411k
Applicability of Categorization Theory to Multidimensional Separation of Concerns.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 24k
Articles.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:05 26k
Associating Terms with Text Categories.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 28k
Automated Categorization in the International Patent Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 426k
Automated Learning of Decision Rules for TextCategorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 179k
Automated Text Categorization abstract.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 237k
Automated Text Categorization tools-.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 150k
Automated learning of decision rules for text categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 1.2M
Automatic Categorization Algorithm for Evolvable Software Archive.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:05 259k
Automatic Categorization of Announcements on the Australian Stock Exchange.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 222k
Automatic Categorization of Questions for a Mathematics Education Service.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 174k
Automatic Categorization of Web Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 147k
Automatic Categorization of Web documents Based on Application Ontology.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 172k
Automatic Classification Improves Processes and Yields Major Reductions in Scanning costs.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 270k
Automatic Complexity Management-Personalised Document Retrieval from the World Wide Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 221k
Automatic Content Categorization and Tagging with Content Intelligence.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 1.2M
Automatic Derivation of On-line Document Ontologies.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 256k
Automatic Scientific Text Classification Using Local Patterns.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 37k
Automatic Tagging and Categorisation-Improving knowledge management and retrieval.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 40k
Automatic Text Categorization by Unsupervised Learning.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 546k
Automatic Text Categorization in Terms of Genre and Author.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 256k
Automatic Text Categorization using the Importance of Sentences.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 181k
Automatic Text Categorization- Case Study.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 69k
Automatic Text Classification throughMachine Learning.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:06 1.7M
Automatic Textual Document Categorization Using Multiple Similarity-Based Models.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 145k
Automatic Topic Identification Using Ontology Hierarchy.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 50k
Automatic Web Page Categorization by Link and Context Analysis.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:06 300k
Automatic Web Resource Discovery.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 179k
Automatic categorization of case law.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 83k
Automatic document classification and indexing in high-volume applications.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 385k
Automatically Categorizing Written Texts by Author Gender.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 57k
Automatically Extracting Ontologically Specified Data from HTML Tableswith Unknown Structure.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:06 590k
Automating Schema Matchingfor Data Integration.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:06 1.1M
Automating Survey Coding by Multiclass Text Categorization Techniques.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 183k
Automating a User Defined Categorization of the Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 28k
BDEI- Biodiversity Information Organization using Taxonomy (BIOT).pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 82k
Bayesian Online Classifiers for Text Classification and Filtering.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 168k
Bibliography - Text Categorization.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:06 158k
Bibliography - Text Categorization_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
BoosTexter-A Boosting-based System for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 370k
Building a Taxonomy with the Lotus Discovery Server.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 1.0M
Can Automatic Personal Categorization deal with User Inconsistency.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 104k
Categorization Information -and Misinformation.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:06 131k
Categorizing Web Documents in Hierarchical Catalogues.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 136k
Categorizing the Categorizing the Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 3.2M
CiteSeer- An Autonomous Web Agent for Automatic Retrieval and Identification of Interesting Publications.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 102k
ClaiMaker-Weaving a SemanticWeb of Research Papers.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:15 101k
ClassifTextDocumentsByTriantaphyllou1.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 1.0M
Cluster-Based Text Categorization-A Comparison of Category Search Strategies.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 705k
Comparison of Web Page Classification Algorithms.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:29 122k
Content Management in Enterprise Portals-presentation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 403k
Context-Sensitive Learning Methods for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 251k
Creating a Corporate Taxonomy.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 803k
Data Mining for Web-Enabled Electronic Business Applications.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 34k
Discretizing Continuous Attributes in AdaBoost.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 240k
DistributionalWord Clusters vs. Words for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 195k
Document Classification and Text Categorization.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:29 13k
Document Classification and Text Categorization_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Document Classification for Computer Science Related Articles.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 54k
Document Clustering.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:29 134k
Document Clustering_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Dynamic Organization of Search Results Using the UMLS.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 50k
Emerging Technologies in Knowledge Management.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 179k
Emerging Technologies in Knowledge for Management.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 964k
Enterprise Portals.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 157k
Enterprise Search with SharePoint Portal Server.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:26 937k
Expanding Domain-Specific Lexicons by Term.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 128k
Experiments on Automatic Web Page Categorization for IR system.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 139k
Experiments on the Use of Feature Selection and Negative Evidence.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 295k
Experiments on using Yahoo! categories to describe documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 86k
Expert System_Services for Publishing business and Portals.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 650k
Exploiting Text Mining in Publishing and Education.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 226k
Extracting Predicates from Semi-structured and Unstructured Texts.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:27 73k
Extracting and Structuring Web Data.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:27 447k
Fabrizio Sebastiani Publications.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:27 60k
Fabrizio Sebastiani Publications_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Fast Text Classification Using Sequential.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 123k
Fast and accurate text classi_cation via multiple linear discriminant projections.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 730k
Feature Selection forWeb Page Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 77k
Feature selection using support vector machines.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 197k
Functionality Based Web Image Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 380k
Functionality-Based Web Image Categorization.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:27 14k
Fuzzy relational thesauri in information retrieval-.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 139k
Ghani-ICML02.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 133k
Guest Editors´ Introduction to the Special Issue on Automated Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 29k
Heterogeneous Learner for Web Page Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 143k
Hidden Markov Models for Text Categorization in Multi-Page Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 782k
Hierarchical Classification of HTML Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 421k
Hierarchical Classification of Real Life Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 152k
Hierarchical Classification of Web Content.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 118k
Hierarchical Text Categorization Using Neural Networks.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 267k
Hierarchical Text Classification and Evaluation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 130k
High-Performing Feature Selection for Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 92k
How Weak Categorizers Based Upon Different Principles Strengthen Performance.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 278k
Hyperlink Ensembles-A Case Study in Hypertext Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 2.4M
IIZUKA98.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 104k
Improved Automatic Web-page Classification by Neighbor Text Percolation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 143k
Inductive Learning Algorithms and Representations for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 80k
Inductive Transfer for Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 88k
Information Extraction.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:27 522k
Integrating Lexical Knowledge in Learning-Based Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 72k
Intelligent Information Retrievaland Web Search.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:27 81k
Introduction to Document Management.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 15k
Introduction to IR- NLP- MT- and Speech Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 654k
Introduction to Text Categorization.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:28 652k
Inverted files and dynamic signature files for optimisation of Web directories.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 185k
KAIBox_The Categorization System.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 69k
Language and Task Independent Text Categorization with Simple Language Models.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 106k
Learning Structural Classification Rules for Web-page Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 359k
Learning to Classify Text Using Support Vector Machines.PDF 27-Sep-2003 17:28 19k
LexiQuest Categorize.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 239k
Linguistic Techniques to Improve the Performance of Automatic Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 158k
Linking in context.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 297k
Machine Learning in Automated Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 512k
Machine Learning in Automated Text Categorization_a Bibliography.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 174k
MetaSpider- Meta-Searching and Categorization on the Web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 623k
Metadata for Multidimensional Categorization and Navigation Support on Multimedia Documents.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 74k
Mining Web Sites Using Adaptive Information Extraction.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 30k
Multi-Dimensional Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 166k
Multiclass Text Categorization for Automated Survey Coding.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 112k
N.O. Business Taxonomies.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 674k
NIPSWS2001.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 146k
On Integrating Catalogs.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 227k
On feature distributional clustering for text categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 117k
On feature distributional clustering for text categorization.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:25 199k
On the Automated Classification of Web Sites.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 152k
Paper Abstracts.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:25 13k
Paper Abstracts_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Portal Progress and.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:25 394k
Portals as Knowledge Routers.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:25 384k
Practical Issues for Automated Categorization of Web Sites.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:25 40k
Practical Issues for Automated Categorization of Web Sites.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 140k
Preventing Overtting in Learning Text Patterns for Document Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 204k
Publications.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:25 2k
QProber- A System for Automatic Classification of Hidden-Web Databases.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 3.5M
QProber- A System for Automatic Classification of Hidden-Web Resources.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 523k
Record-Boundary Discovery in Web Documents.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:25 134k
Recording word position information for improved document categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 184k
Reducing Boundary Friction Using Translation-Fragment Overlap.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 100k
Related The Theory and Experiments on Automatic Chinese Documents Classification - Lanjuan (ResearchIndex).htm 27-Sep-2003 17:25 8k
Representative Sampling for Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 307k
Robustness of Regularized Linear Classification Methods in Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 243k
Rule-based hierarchical document categorization for the World Wide Web.doc 27-Sep-2003 17:25 62k
Scalable Association-based Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 128k
SharePoint Portal Server Overview & Deployment.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:26 1.5M
SharePoint Portal Server v2.0 Search Architecture and Programmability.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:26 503k
Simple and accurate feature selection for hierarchical categorisation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 158k
Simultaneous Categorization of Text Documents and Identification of Cluster-dependent Keywords.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 112k
Summarization as Feature Selection for Text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 925k
Supervised Term Weighting for Automated Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 198k
Targeted Information Retrieval.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 27k
Text Categorisation A Survey.html 27-Sep-2003 17:23 24k
Text Categorisation A Survey.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 445k
Text Categorization An Experiment Using Phrases.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 106k
Text Categorization Using Acquaintance.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:23 41k
Text Categorization Using Acquaintance_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Text Categorization Using Adaptive Context Trees.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 132k
Text Categorization Using Weight Adjusted k-Nearest Neighbor Classi_cation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 141k
Text Categorization Using Weight Adjusted k-Nearest Neighbor Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 52k
Text Categorization and Prototypes.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 398k
Text Categorization and Semantic Browsing with Self-Organizing Maps on non-euclidean Spaces.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 1.2M
Text Categorization by Boosting Automatically Extracted Concepts.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 185k
Text Categorization by Boosting Automatically Extracted Concepts.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 185k
Text Categorization considering Categorical Weights and Substantial Weights of Informative Keywords.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:23 71k
Text Categorization considering Categorical Weights and Substantial Weights of Informative Keywords_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
Text Categorization for Multi-page Documents - A Hybrid Naive Bayes HMM Approach.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 273k
Text Categorization for Multipage Documents- A Hybrid Naive Bayes HMM Approach.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 202k
Text Categorization through Multistrategy Learning and Visualization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 142k
Text Categorization using Feature Projections.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 155k
Text Categorization-notes.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 100k
Text Classification Using Stochastic Keyword Generation.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:24 267k
Text Classification from Labeled and Unlabeled Documents using EM.html 27-Sep-2003 17:24 30k
Text Classification in a Hierarchical Mixture Model for Small Training.html 27-Sep-2003 17:24 18k
Text Genre Classification with Genre-Revealing.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 231k
Text Mining Overview.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:24 776k
Text Mining notes.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 83k
Text Representation for Automatic Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 4.0M
TextMiningIntro2002.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:24 63k
Text_Classification.doc 27-Sep-2003 17:24 37k
The Early Iterations of Document Mining.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 307k
The IST project PEKING - PEople and Knowledge crosslingual INformation Gathering.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:24 8k
The IST project PEKING - PEople and Knowledge crosslingual INformation Gathering_files/ 27-Sep-2003 17:03 -
The Power ofWord Clusters for Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 198k
The Use of Bigrams to Enhance Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:23 89k
Theme-based Retrieval of Web News.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 31k
Theme-based Retrieval of Web News2.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 62k
Theseus Categorization by Context.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 54k
Thesis_A Framework for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 1.3M
Topic Difference Factor Extraction between Two Document Sets and its Application to Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 244k
Topic Maps- backbone of Content Intelligence.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 37k
Towards Modernised and Web-Specific Stoplists for Web Document Analysis.doc 27-Sep-2003 17:22 123k
Towards language independent automated learning of text categorization models.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 659k
Two Approaches toward Solving the Problem of Access to Distributed and.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 114k
Using Database Technology to Improve Performance of Web Proxy Servers.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 81k
Using Kullback-Leibler Distance for Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 241k
Using LSI for Text Classification in the Presence of Background Text Using LSI for Text Classification in the Presence of Background Text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 285k
Using Salient Words to Perform Categorization of Web Sites.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 213k
Using Text Categorization Techniques for Intrusion Detection.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:22 90k
Web Page Categorization based on Document Structure.doc 27-Sep-2003 17:21 590k
Web Page Classification based on Document Structure.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 206k
WebClass-A Web Mining Tool.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 56k
WebSearch.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:21 180k
When are links useful-Experiments in Text Classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 757k
a-fast-algorithm-for hirerchical text classification.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 204k
abstract.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 58k
aggarwal99merits.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 160k
agrawal00athena.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:04 209k
anc-lrec02.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:05 265k
chuang00fast.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:06 204k
classifying-text-documents-by.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 223k
dthesis_Clustering Approaches to Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:29 262k
eyheramendy03naive.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 723k
feature_preparationin Text Categorization.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 76k
frank00text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 199k
ghani01hypertext.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 165k
hierarchical-text-categorization-using.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 296k
iceis_sk2001.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:27 170k
ir_bib.htm 27-Sep-2003 17:28 36k
joachims97text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 360k
joachims_98a.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 125k
junker99learning.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 207k
klas00new.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 173k
lam99automatic.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 277k
larkey96combining.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 200k
libra-sigir-wkshp-99.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 216k
libra-textcat-98.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 244k
lodhi00text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:28 187k
mesmuses_methodology.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:25 605k
moulinier.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 151k
nigam01using.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 1.2M
node8.html 27-Sep-2003 17:25 7k
pbennett-ugthesis.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 554k
pwwECAI98yr.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 138k
rennie01improving.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 498k
search_web.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:25 146k
shortpaper20.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 25k
smeaton97using.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:26 121k
taxonomies in Electronic Records Management Systems.ppt 27-Sep-2003 17:23 1.1M
teytaud00kernelbased.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:24 154k
vert01text.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 238k
vinokourov02probabilistic.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 261k
vivisimo.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 1.9M
webace.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 254k
yang00improving1.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 282k
yang02study.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 320k
yang97evaluation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 187k
yang99evaluation.pdf 27-Sep-2003 17:21 248k

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MATH__Linear Algebra (Prentice-Hall, Edition 2, 1971).pdf 11-Nov-2005 00:53 20.1M
MATH__Schaums Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables.pdf 11-Nov-2005 00:44 26.2M

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1 Early Days/ 03-Jun-2007 23:58 -
1 Introduction/ 19-Mar-2008 17:39 -
2 Logic/ 07-Jun-2007 06:09 -
3 Number Theory/ 28-Jan-2008 18:13 -
3 Numeration Systems/ 21-Feb-2008 14:59 -
4 Greeks/ 13-Mar-2007 12:06 -
5 Geometry/ 25-Jun-2007 23:36 -
6 Set Theory/ 13-Mar-2007 12:04 -
7 Probabiity & Statistics/ 13-Feb-2007 08:53 -
8 Group Theory/ 06-Feb-2008 13:57 -
A Historical Orientation.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:38 99K
A Mad Tea Party.doc 25-Jan-2007 13:38 119K
A Short History of Logic.pdf 30-Aug-2006 09:56 3.0M
Agriculture and the Calendar.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:38 36K
Ancient Mathematics and the Development of Primitive Culture.pdf 28-Aug-2006 10:47 126K
Ancient Numbers.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:39 1.1M
Archaeological Evidence for the Emergence of Language etc.pdf 22-Aug-2006 15:28 2.2M
Astronomy.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:44 275K
Axiomatics.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:44 63K
Babylonian Algebra.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:40 2.4M
BeginEarly.pdf 30-Aug-2006 09:57 56K
Calculation Across Cultures and History.pdf 06-Feb-2007 13:29 1.8M
Chinese and New World Numbers.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:40 339K
Concept of Numbers.pdf 22-Aug-2006 15:37 1.0M
Counting in Other Species.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:40 186K
Dealing with the Infinite.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:41 790K
Dialogue On The Applications of Mathematics.pdf 23-Jul-2006 12:45 631K
Dialogue Postscript.pdf 27-Jan-2008 14:55 95K
Dialogue on the Language of the Book of Nature.pdf 13-Jul-2007 07:36 1.4M
Early Counting.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:41 254K
Egyptian Arithmetic.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:42 1.7M
Euclidean Geometry.pdf 08-Mar-2007 12:10 403K
Euclids Elements.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:44 710K
Fallacies.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:42 51K
Flaws in Euclid.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:41 70K
Geometry/ 08-Mar-2007 12:13 -
Godel and the limits of logic.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 314K
Greek history.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:42 46K
Greeks/ 03-Oct-2006 14:46 -
GreeksHandout.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:42 28K
GroupTheoryAndTheRubiksCube.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:42 305K
History of Computing.pdf 06-Feb-2007 13:29 1.4M
History of Galois Theory.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:43 2.5M
How Do We Count.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:43 235K
How We Came To Be Human.pdf 23-Aug-2006 11:03 791K
IntroDescartes.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:43 12K
Is There An External World.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:43 65K
Life and the Stars.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:43 39K
Logical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.doc 31-Aug-2006 17:22 43K
Logic and Mathematics.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:44 586K
Mathematical Proof.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:44 1.3M
Mathematical Proofs.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:44 1.1M
Mathematics In General.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:44 40K
Mathematics in the History of Civilization.pdf 27-Aug-2006 16:06 42K
Nature of Geometry.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:43 157K
Neolithic Agriculture.doc 12-Dec-2006 09:58 33K
Noneuclidean Geometry.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:42 1.1M
NotesTheGreeks.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:48 219K
Number Systems.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:49 1.2M
Oneness, Twoness, Threeness.pdf 27-Aug-2006 16:07 576K
Order of Nature.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:46 143K
Origins of Agriculture.pdf 28-Aug-2006 13:51 219K
Origins of Math.pdf 18-Jan-2007 11:21 1.4M
Planet of the Apes.pdf 23-Aug-2006 11:04 2.8M
Platonic Solids.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:42 58K
Platonic Solids and Groups.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:49 54K
Proof - Kepler's Proofs.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 402K
Proof - Proof and Puzzles Through the Ages.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 107K
Proof - The Origins of Proof.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 124K
Proof - The Philosophy of Proof.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 313K
Reading the Signs of Ancient Animal Domestication.pdf 22-Aug-2006 15:28 22K
Socratic Dialogue On Mathematics.pdf 23-Jul-2006 07:46 321K
Spirit.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:46 865K
The Emergence of Intelligence.pdf 24-Aug-2006 09:22 949K
The Evolution of Modern Numerals from Anciet Tally Marks.pdf 27-Aug-2006 16:08 514K
The Failings of the Senses and Intuition.pdf 03-Oct-2006 13:45 1.6M
The History of Mathematics as Part of the History of Mankind.pdf 27-Aug-2006 16:08 28K
The Morning of the Modern Mind.pdf 22-Aug-2006 15:36 1.6M
The Natural Order.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 31K
The Place of Logic Among the Sciences.pdf 05-Sep-2006 11:43 83K
The Study of Mathematics.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 43K
The Transition From Paleolithic to Neolithic Culture.doc 12-Dec-2006 09:58 68K
The Utility of Math.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:50 43K
True and False Concepts.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 97K
Truth Tables Equivalent Statements Rules of Inference.pdf 30-Aug-2006 10:08 76K
What Is Mathematics.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 25K
What Is Number.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 102K
What Math Is About.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 50K
What Mathematics Is For.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 301K
What is Geometry.doc 12-Dec-2006 09:58 40K
Why Mathematics.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:50 116K
alice1.doc 15-Jun-2006 18:38 22K
diophantus.pdf 12-Dec-2006 09:58 176K
music.pdf 15-Jun-2006 18:48 8.0M
oDialogue On The Language of the Book of Nature.pdf 23-Jul-2006 07:45 1.0M

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