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Friday, May 30, 2008

Facial Expression Recognition

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index of parent directory
A Personalized Facial Expression Recognition with Fuzzy Similarity Measure and Novel Feature Selection
Method 01375683.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 877k
An improved neural-network-based face detection and facial expression classification system 01398376.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 791k
Appearance factorization based facial expression recognition and synthesis 01333729.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.3M
Facial Expression Understanding in Image Sequences Using Dynamic and Active Visual Information Fusion.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 681k
Facial expression features extraction based on Gabor wavelet transformation 01400657.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 220k
Facial expression recognition using Fisher weight maps 01301582.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 833k
Fuzzy Neural Networks(FNN)-based Approach for Personalized Facial Expression Recognition with Novel Feature
Selection Method 01206552.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 469k
Real time facial expression recognition with AdaBoost 01334680.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 450k
Recognition of mixed facial expressions by neural network 00253856.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 468k
The recognition of basic facial expressions by neural network 00170444.pdf

3-D motion estimation in model-based facial image coding 00216724.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.1M
A Real-Time Automated System for the Recognition of Human Facial Expressions 101109TSMCB2005854502.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.1M
A media conversion from speech to facial image for intelligent man-machine interface 00081953.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 742k
A new physical model with multilayer architecture for facial expression animation using dynamic
adaptive mesh 01272733.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 4.3M
A principal component analysis of facial expressions.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.0M
A social informatics approach to human-robot interaction with a service social robot 01291667.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 558k
A solution for facial expression representation and recognition.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 747k
A two Stage Appropach to Automatic Face Alignment.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 164k
Active and dynamic information fusion for facial expression understanding from image sequences
01407874.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 2.0M
Analysis and synthesis of facial image sequences in model-based image coding 00305871.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 2.7M
Analyzing facial expressions for virtual conferencing 00708562.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 795k
Animating expressive faces across languages 01359859.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.5M
Automatic Sign Language Analysis A Survey and the Future beyond Lexical Meaning 01432718.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.1M
Automatic analysis of facial expressions the state of the art 00895976.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.7M
Automatic classification of single facial images 00817413.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.6M
Automatic facial expression analysis a survey.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 315k
Automatic interpretation and coding of face images using flexible models 00598231.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.2M
Classifying facial actions 00799905.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.3M
Coding, analysis, interpretation, and recognition of facial expressions 00598232.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.8M
Developments in model-based video coding 00387091.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.7M
Dynamics of Facial Expression Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Segments From Face Profile
Image Sequences 101109TSMCB2005859075.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 4.6M
Expert system for automatic analysis of facial expressions.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 615k
Face analysis and synthesis 00924886.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 718k
Face and gesture recognition overview 00598225.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 109k
Face recognition using line edge map 01008383.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 706k
Face to virtual face 00664277.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 268k
Facial Expression Recognition Using Model-Based Feature Extraction and Action Parameters Classification.pdf
25-Nov-2005 16:34 754k
Facial action recognition for facial expression analysis from static face images 01298893.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 810k
Facial animation parameters extraction and expression recognition using Hidden Markov Models.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 438k
Facial expression recognition A clustering-based approach.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 220k
Facial expression recognition and synthesis based on an appearance model .pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 703k
Facial expression recognition from line-based caricatures 01227586.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 715k
Facial expression recognition from video sequences temporal and static modeling.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 405k
Facial expression recognition using constructive feedforward neural networks 01298906.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 555k
Facial expressive robotic head system for human-robot communication and its application in home environment
01347464.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 2.3M
Gabor-based kernel PCA with fractional power polynomial models for face recognition 01273927.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 920k
Geometry-Driven Photorealistic Facial Expression Synthesis 01541999.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 2.7M
Global motion estimation in model-based image coding by tracking three-dimensional contour feature
points 00664103.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 303k
Hierarchical multistream recognition of facial expressions 01331218.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 586k
Information extraction from image sequences of real-world facial expressions.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 747k
Internet communication using real-time facial expression analysis and synthesis 01316794.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 957k
LAFTER a real-time face and lips tracker with facial expression recognition.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.8M
Learning and synthesizing MPEG-4 compatible 3-D face animation from video sequence 01239425.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 981k
Lifelike talking faces for interactive services 01230217.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.4M
Photo-realistic facial expression synthesis.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 646k
Public speaking in virtual reality facing an audience of avatars 00749116.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 350k
Real-time nonintrusive monitoring and prediction of driver fatigue 01317209.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.2M
Real-time speech-driven face animation with expressions using neural networks 01021892.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 365k
Recognizing action units for facial expression analysis 00908962.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 3.6M
Recognizing human facial expressions from long image sequences using optical flow 00506414.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 968k
Recognizing imprecisely localized, partially occluded, and expression variant faces from a single
sample per class 01008382.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 867k
Semisupervised learning of classifiers theory algorithms and their application to human-computer
interaction 01343843.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 963k
Subject independent facial expression recognition with robust face detection using a convolutional
neural network.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 288k
The facial animation engine toward a high-level interface for the design of MPEG-4 compliant animated
faces 00752095.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1.2M
Toward an affect-sensitive multimodal human-computer interaction 01230215.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 806k
Two-view facial movement estimation 00305872.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 1004k
Using mixture covariance matrices to improve face and facial expression recognitions.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 127k
Using moment invariants and HMM in facial expression recognition.pdf 25-Nov-2005 16:34 375k
iJADE Web-miner an intelligent agent framework for Internet shopping 01269670.pdf

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index of parent directory
Advances in facial rejuvenation surgery.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:34 249K
Auricular reconstruction--an update 2004.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:06 61K
Autoimmune inner ear disease.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:04 72K
Blepharoplasty.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:55 129K
Blepharoptosis correction.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:34 459K
Botulinum toxin and the management of chronic headaches.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:14 81K
Computerized plastic surgery office.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:11 63K
Eyelid reconstruction--the state of the art.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:10 73K
H&N cancer.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:26 540K
How cochlear implants encode speech.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:05 259K
Importance of facial expression in facial nerve rehabilitation.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:09 219K
Lip Reconstruction.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:27 8.2M
Lip Reconstruction_2.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:32 1.0M
Lip Reconstruction_3.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:41 415K
Management of frontal sinus fractures.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:19 163K
Mandibular reconstruction in 2004.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:06 244K
Medical malpractice and head and neck cancer.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:17 67K
NEJM_Advances_in_Immunology.pdf 25-Feb-2003 21:05 862K
Nasal irrigations--good or bad.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:20 259K
Nasal reconstruction-- the state of the art.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:09 464K
Otitis media--concepts and controversies.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:22 391K
Presbycusis_1.pdf 05-May-2002 18:56 163K
Reinke space.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:56 58K
Revision endoscopic frontal sinus surgery.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:21 208K
Skeletal volume enhancement--implants and osteotomies.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:10 89K
Update in three-dimensional imaging in facial plastic surgery.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:08 68K
Update on botulinum toxin use in facial plastic and head and neck surgery.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:07 236K
Update on lasers in facial plastic surgery.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:08 60K
Update on the endoscopic management of laryngeal cancer.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:03 190K
Update on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of vocal fold nodules, polyps, and cysts.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:23 369K
hemangiomas and vascular malformations.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:02 395K
management of early laryngeal cancer.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:57 83K
mitomycin C in the pediatric airway.pdf 12-Jul-2005 22:01 53K
role of second opinion in HN cancer.pdf 12-Jul-2005 21:59 57K

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