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It happened because somebody just dropped a server on their network without fully considering the consequences of their action. They didn't bother to properly design a server access control list, and because it is available on the public internet, it gets listed on search engines. Quite often a server administrator is very upset at his mistake, and is looking to "pursue each ISP in attempts to track down the guilty parties". Some may even try to convince others that they're breaking some laws. Unfortunately, he is ignoring the person who had the most power to prevent this situation. Themself. Live, learn, realize that you made a mistake configuring your server, and get back to working. Unless your business is that of hunting PD Searchers, it really will not be worth your while to waste money and time chasing ISPs and shadows of people you have no legal right to pursue in the first place. Simply buck up to your mistake and be glad that there is a blog that lets people know if thier directory is open to the public.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Random Mix

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index of parent directory
504 Bath & Beauty Recipes.pdf 619.5 KB 2008-Aug-19
Accutane.pdf 47.4 KB 2008-Jul-07
Acne - JAmAcadDermatol.pdf 838.5 KB 2008-Jul-07
Acne - Symposium at the World Congress of Dermatology, Paris 2002.pdf 1.5 MB 2008-Jul-07
Acne - Ways to control it.pdf 372.8 KB 2008-Jul-07
Acne.and.Its.Therapy.pdf 5.8 MB 2008-Aug-02
Acne.For.Dummies_Melfice2k.pdf 7.7 MB 2008-Jul-07
Acne3Mel2k.rar 698.5 KB 2008-Jul-07
acne101.pdf 827.3 KB 2008-Jul-07
ACNEDrRobetPrestonND.PDF 203.5 KB 2008-Jul-07
Acne Free And Glowing Skin.exe 643.8 KB 2008-Jul-07
AcneGuideJohnDunne.pdf 271.9 KB 2008-Jul-07
Acne Handbook.exe 752.8 KB 2008-Jul-07
ACNE Private label package archive 42.8 MB 2008-Jul-07
Acne Skin Care Treatment - 5 Useful Tips.pdf 40.5 KB 2008-Jul-07
AcneSolution Melfice2k.rar 1.8 MB 2008-Jul-07
Acne_Guideline.pdf 1.7 MB 2008-Jul-07
ACuredD The E-Book [Shared By Melfice].pdf 128.4 KB 2008-Jul-07
da Acne.pdf 1.5 MB 2008-Jul-07
D__manual_MAC_ProductKnowledge.pdf 5.3 MB 2008-Aug-19
Final Acne Article.pdf 227.2 KB 2008-Jul-07
Herbs_for_Healthy_Skin.PDF 657.1 KB 2008-Jul-07
IG.Derm Uni Protocol 57 Acne.pdf 303.2 KB 2008-Jul-07
Informa.Healthcare.Acne.and.Its.TherapyBy.Melfice2k.pdf 8.1 MB 2008-Jul-07
natural_acne_solution.pdf 338.2 KB 2008-Jul-07
Nutritional Face-Lift Dr Nicholas Perricone.pdf 157.8 KB 2008-Aug-19
Perricone, Nicholas, M.D. - The Perricone Promise.pdf 1.2 MB 2008-Aug-19
Questions Answers about Acne By NIAM.pdf 189.5 KB 2008-Jul-07
Spa.Dermatology.Derma2008, Vol.26, Issues 3.pdf 4.7 MB 2008-Aug-19
The_Ciminelli_SolutionMelfice2k.PDF 833.0 KB 2008-Jul-07
Treatment of Acne Vulgaris.pdf 166.9 KB 2008-Jul-07

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index of parent directory
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man.txt
Cliff Notes - 1984.txt
Cliff Notes - Aeneid.txt
Cliff Notes - All The King's Men.txt
Cliff Notes - As I Lay Dying.txt
Cliff Notes - As You Like It.txt
Cliff Notes - Babbitt.txt
Cliff Notes - Billy Budd.txt
Cliff Notes - Candide.txt
Cliff Notes - Cry, The Beloved Country.txt
Cliff Notes - Daisy Miller.txt
Cliff Notes - Dante's Divine Domedy.txt
Cliff Notes - Doctor Faustus.txt
Cliff Notes - Doll's House, A.txt
Cliff Notes - Ethan Frome.txt
Cliff Notes - Faust.txt
Cliff Notes - Grapes of Wrath, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Gulliver's Travels.txt
Cliff Notes - Hamlet.txt
Cliff Notes - Hard Times.txt
Cliff Notes - Heart of Darkness.txt
Cliff Notes - Henry 4 Part1.txt
Cliff Notes - House of Seven Gables.txt
Cliff Notes - Iliad, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Invisible Man.txt
Cliff Notes - Jane Eyre.txt
Cliff Notes - Julius Caesar.txt
Cliff Notes - Jungle, The.txt
Cliff Notes - King Lear.txt
Cliff Notes - Light In August.txt
Cliff Notes - Lord Jim.txt
Cliff Notes - Lord of the Flies.txt
Cliff Notes - Macbeth.txt
Cliff Notes - Madame Bovary.txt
Cliff Notes - Mayor of Casterbridge, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Merchant of Venice, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Midsummer Night's Dream, A.txt
Cliff Notes - Moby Dick.txt
Cliff Notes - My Antonia.txt
Cliff Notes - New Testament.txt
Cliff Notes - Oedipus Trilogy.txt
Cliff Notes - Old Testament.txt
Cliff Notes - Oliver Twist.txt
Cliff Notes - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.txt
Cliff Notes - Othello.txt
Cliff Notes - Our Town.txt
Cliff Notes - Paradise Lost.txt
Cliff Notes - Pearl, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, A.txt
Cliff Notes - Red Badge of Courage.txt
Cliff Notes - Return of the Native, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Richard 3.txt
Cliff Notes - Silas Marner.txt
Cliff Notes - Slaughterhouse Five.txt
Cliff Notes - Sons and Lovers.txt
Cliff Notes - Steppenwolf & Siddhartha.txt
Cliff Notes - Stranger, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Tale of Two Cities, A.txt
Cliff Notes - Taming of the Shrew, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Tempest, The.txt
Cliff Notes - Tess of the D'urbervilles.txt
Cliff Notes - To Kill A Mockingbird.txt
Cliff Notes - Tom Jones.txt
Cliff Notes - Tom Sawyer.txt
Cliff Notes - Twelfth Night.txt
Cliff Notes - Uncle Tom's Cabin.txt
Cliff Notes - Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf.txt
Cliff Notes - Wuthering Heights.txt
a doll's house.txt
a midsummer night's dream.txt
a tale of two cities.txt
all the king's men.txt
as i lay dying.txt
as you like it.txt
billy budd.txt
cry, the beloved country.txt
daisy miller.txt
dante's divine comedy.txt
doctor faustus.txt
ethan frome.txt
gulliver's travels.txt
hard times.txt
heart of darkness.txt
henry4 part1.txt
house of seven gables.txt
invisible man.txt
jane eyre.txt
julius caesar.txt
king lear.txt
light in august.txt
lord jim.txt
lord of the flies.txt
madame bovary.txt
moby dick.txt
my antonia.txt
new testament.txt
oedipus trilogy.txt
old testament.txt
oliver twist.txt
one flew over the cuckoo's nest.txt
our town.txt
paradise lost.txt
red badge of courage.txt
richard 3.txt
silas marner.txt
slaughterhouse five.txt
sons and lovers.txt
steppenwolf & siddhartha.txt
tess of the d'urbervilles.txt
the grapes of wrath.txt
the iliad.txt
the jungle.txt
the merchant of venice.txt
the pearl.txt
the return of the native.txt
the stranger.txt
the taming of the shrew.txt
the tempest.txt
to kill a mockingbird.txt
tom jones.txt
tom sawyer.txt
twelfth night.txt
uncle tom's cabin.txt
wuthering heights.txt

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index of parent directory
Addison Wesley Refactoring to Agility Jun 2006 eBook-BBL/ 24-Jul-2006 13:37 -
BG/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
Bit Torrent Bible 1.1/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
CPU/ 17-Jul-2006 17:08 -
Drugi/ 08-Mar-2007 13:40 -
For.Dummies.Microsoft.Office.Publisher.2007.For.Dummies.Dec.2007.eBook-BBL/ 22-Mar-2008 16:21 -
For.Dummies.iPhone.For.Dummies.Sep.2007.eBook-BBL/ 22-Mar-2008 16:24 -
Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
Hacker Disassembling Uncovered/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
Hacking a Terror NetworkThe Silent Threat of Covert Channels/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
How Secure is Your Wireless Network Safeguarding Your Wi-Fi LAN/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
NEW_Paint Shop Pro 9 For Dummies/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
Need.For.Speed.Most.Wanted.GAMEGUiDE-DVX/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
New.Media.and.Society.Volume.8.Issue.4.August.2006.PDF.eBook-TheBleh/ 16-Aug-2006 01:09 -
O'Reilly - Securing Windows NT2000 Servers for the Internet/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
OReilly.Web.Database.Applications.with.PHP.and.MySQL.2nd.Edition.May.2004.eBook-DDU/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
Oreilly.PC.Hardware.In.A.Nutshell.3rd.Edition.eBook-LiB/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
PC Magazine/ 24-Jun-2006 09:39 -
PC School [BG]/ 07-Apr-2006 11:21 -
Que.Upgrading.and.Repairing.Networks.5th.Edition.May.2006.eBook-BBL/ 01-Sep-2006 11:03 -
Sams.ASP.NET.2.0.Unleashed.Jun.2006.eBook-BBL/ 09-Sep-2006 12:56 -
Sams.Apache.Phrasebook.May.2006.eBook-BBL/ 09-Sep-2006 12:56 -
Scene.Charts.Issue.Jun.2006-ZAT/ 09-Sep-2006 12:57 -
XXX/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
[FUN]/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
php 5 & MySQL Bible/ 04-Apr-2006 22:45 -
(eBook - pdf) ASP.NET Bible (with Source).rar 11-Jul-2003 00:00 7.2M
24unix.pdf 21-Apr-2005 20:39 520K
100LinuxTipsAndTricks.pdf 30-Mar-2005 21:02 1.2M
195.feature.performance boost.pdf 16-Feb-2006 14:53 894K
200 ways to revive a hard drive.pdf 10-Jul-2003 00:00 553K
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets.diz 16-Feb-2005 01:32 1.3K
263.Commercial.Asp.CGI.Perl.And.PHP.Scripts.rar 18-Sep-2004 15:15 75M
3510i_en.pdf 20-May-2005 18:32 1.6M
1931841322 PHPMySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner.pdf 22-May-2004 00:00 2.8M
ANSI-ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook.pdf 08-Jul-2002 00:00 1.0M
APress - Advanced .NET Remoting.chm 06-Jun-2004 14:27 11M
ATM Cable.pdf 17-Apr-2005 02:43 32K 21-Apr-2005 20:39 1.4M
ActionScript Cookbook.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:27 1.4M
Action Script for Flash MX - The Definitive Guide 2nd Ed.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:27 1.5M
Active Directory Bible.pdf 18-Sep-2004 15:15 4.6M
Administering and Securing the Apache Server.pdf 18-Sep-2004 15:15 4.6M
Adult Comics - Fansadox Steel Trap Maidens Hq_old.pdf 16-Oct-2004 21:34 6.1M
Advanced Routing - include Load Balancing.pdf 22-Sep-2004 03:21 685K
Apache.doc 25-Apr-2005 03:50 120K
Apache Server 2 Bible.pdf 17-Feb-2004 15:43 3.4M
Apress - Peer to Peer with VB.NET.chm 31-Aug-2004 16:41 7.8M
Apress - Real World ASP.NET Best Practices.chm 02-Sep-2004 13:36 2.0M
Apress - SQL Server Security Distilled 2nd Ed.chm 02-Sep-2004 13:37 2.4M Sousa - Game Programming All in 11-Aug-2006 21:15 22M
BG-INT SHAPER.doc 17-Apr-2005 02:43 30K
Bastion Host Checklist.doc 18-Sep-2004 15:14 38K
Beginner's Guide To Hacking.doc 05-Mar-2005 20:58 49K
Building Wireless Community Networks.rar 01-Jun-2003 06:19 1.0M
CCNA.4.0.pdf 10-Mar-2008 15:07 10M
CCNA.Fast.Pass.eBook.pdf 10-Mar-2008 15:07 4.5M
CGI Developer Guide.pdf 17-Feb-2004 16:00 1.5M
Car Hacks And Mods For Dummies.pdf 11-Apr-2005 17:06 5.2M
Choosing A Database For Your Web Site.pdf 17-Feb-2004 15:52 4.6M
Cisco - Deploying Cisco VOIP.rar 23-Aug-2004 18:21 4.7M
Cisco - Voice over IP Fundamentals.rar 23-Aug-2004 18:21 3.8M
Cisco Exam Cram CCNAv2 Practice 09-Jul-2005 20:31 3.6M
Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Second 23-Feb-2004 13:11 344K
Configuring Windows XP Pro.rar 20-Mar-2002 23:00 9.4M
Craig Hunt -- Linux Network Servers.pdf 10-Mar-2008 15:18 6.7M
Creating Course Web Pages with Dreamweaver.pdf 10-Jul-2003 00:00 374K
Creating Web Pages All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies.pdf 05-Apr-2004 00:00 18M 23-Feb-2004 13:26 4.7M
Creative Live 5.1 English.pdf 03-Apr-2005 21:31 776K
DNS HowTo BG.rar 02-Apr-2005 03:47 30K
DS_0157.pdf 21-Apr-2005 20:39 128K
DS_0158.pdf 21-Apr-2005 20:39 126K
Data Structure And Algorithms In C++ 2nd ed - Adam Drozdek.pdf 04-Apr-2008 08:03 27M
Debian install.en.pdf 25-Apr-2005 03:49 591K 09-Apr-2002 00:00 189K
Designing a Wireless Network.pdf 01-Jun-2003 05:37 4.3M 23-Feb-2004 13:18 1.6M 23-Feb-2004 13:21 1.2M
Digital Press - Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures.chm 02-Sep-2004 12:34 27M
DoubleCdSales.pdf 14-Jan-2004 04:41 43K
FTP.PDF 21-Apr-2005 20:39 416K
Firewalls Complete.rar 01-Jun-2003 04:59 219K
Game Programming 101 Part 1.pdf 03-Apr-2005 16:14 176K
HACKER Secret book.PDF 05-Mar-2005 03:39 493K
HTML.PDF 21-Apr-2005 20:39 2.0M 27-Nov-2002 23:00 1.0M
HTML and XHTML The Definitive Guide 5th Edition.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:28 1.6M
HTTP Pocket Reference.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:28 159K
Hacker's black book + Tricks Of The Internet 01-Apr-2005 20:09 1.0M
Hackerland.pdf 01-Apr-2005 15:51 380K
Hackers.Secrets.rar 18-Sep-2004 15:15 438K
Hackers Black Book.doc 05-Mar-2005 03:37 246K
Hackers Black Book.pdf 06-Jan-2005 08:56 1.0M
Hackers 19-Jun-2005 17:32 291K
Hacking & Phreaking.rar 01-Jun-2003 02:10 668K
Hacking.Windows.XP.pdf 05-Dec-2007 20:29 10M
Hacking Exposed - Network Security Secrets and Solutions - Chapter16 - Hacking The Internet User.pdf 01-Apr-2005 15:51 1.5M
Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets & Solutions, Third Edition ch1.pdf 01-Apr-2005 15:51 1.9M
Hacking Manual HACKING INTO COMPUTER SYSTEMS.doc 05-Mar-2005 03:36 1.6M
Hacking exposed linux - chapter9 - passwd cracking.pdf 01-Apr-2005 15:50 687K
Hacking into computer systems - a beginners guide.pdf 05-Mar-2005 03:38 615K
High-Performance Networking Unleashed.rar 01-Jun-2003 06:09 344K 23-Feb-2004 07:12 586K
How To Crack.rar 01-Jun-2003 02:11 79K
How To Make Keygens.pdf 04-Apr-2005 20:27 9.6K
How to Make Photorealistic Human Face Textures.pdf 10-Jul-2003 00:00 257K
How to build a 100% flash web site.pdf 05-Oct-2003 00:00 513K
HungryMinds -- Linux+ Certification Bible.pdf 10-Mar-2008 15:18 3.6M
Hungry Minds - Adobe After Effects 5 Bible.pdf 30-Sep-2003 11:35 30M
IGP - Managing Business with SAP. Planning Implementation and Evaluation Jul 2004.rar 06-Sep-2004 00:13 1.4M
IP Addressing and Subnetting - Including IPv6.rar 01-Jun-2003 05:13 2.5M
IP for 3G.pdf 16-Oct-2004 22:35 2.9M
IRC.PDF 21-Apr-2005 20:28 57K
Intrusion Detection with SNORT - Advanced IDS Techniques Using SNORT, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and ACID.pdf 22-May-2004 00:00 1.7M
Java - JavaScript Bible Gold(2001).pdf 04-Apr-2005 20:40 35M
Java NIO.pdf 02-Apr-2005 03:41 2.9M
Java Script Pocket Reference 2nd Edition.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:28 102K
JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook.chm 26-Dec-2003 09:28 1.5M
JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition.pdf 02-Apr-2005 03:41 3.0M
Java Web Services.pdf 02-Apr-2005 03:41 2.9M
John.Wiley.And.Sons.MySQL.And.Java.Developer.Guide.eBook-LiB.pdf 22-May-2004 00:00 3.3M
John.Wiley.And.Sons.MySQL.Enterprise.Solutions.eBook-LiB.pdf 22-May-2004 00:00 2.8M

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index of parent directory
(business ebook) - Master Wholesale Web Sites.pdf
A Search Based Automated Test Data Generation Framework.pdf
Analysis and synthesis of the behaviour of complex programmable.pdf
Approaches to Certification of Reconfigurable IMA Systems.pdf
Automated Safety Monitoring.pdf
Automated Test Data Generation for Exception Conditions.PDF
Automation of System Safety Analysis.pdf
Class Mutation-Mutation Testing for Object-Oriented.pdf
Complexity-Concept,Causes %26 Control.pdf
Deriving Quantified Safety Requirements in Complex Systems.PDF
Developing Safety Contracts for OO Systems.pdf
Epipole Estimation under Pure Camera Translation.pdf
Establishing timing requirements for control loops in real-time systems.pdf
Extending Commonality Analysis for Embedded Control System Families.pdf
Failure Modes %26 Effects Analysis.pdf
Family-Orientated Software Development for Engine Controllers.PDF
Generating Evidence for Certification of Modern Processors for use in Safety Critical Systems.doc.pdf
High level failure analysis for Integrated Modular Avionics.pdf
Identifying Safety Dependanciesin Modular Computer Systems.pdf
Investigating the Applicability of Traditional Test Adequacy for OO Programs.pdf
Investigatingthe Effectiveness ofOO Test strategies.pdf
Multi-Cue Vision, Novel Architectures and High IntegrityConcepts.pdf
PLTestingSZCM.yuanMcDermid ISSC.pdf
Performing Hazard and safety Analysis ofObject Orientated Systems - Hawkins.pdf
Process Tailoring in Iterative.pdf
SF Old Republic Bold.ttf
SF Old Republic Sample.jpg
SF Scribbled Sans.ttf
Safety Assessment of System Architectures.pdf
Safety case architectures to complement a contract-based approach to designing safe systems.pdf
Software safety - wheres the evidence.pdf
StevensonMcDermid ISSCpaper.pdf
Systematic Anticipation and Validation of Scenarios.pdf
The Potential for a Generic Approach.pdf
Use of Modern Processors in safety critical  applications.pdf
origin leaftlet 2.pdf

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index of parent directory
00020750_Geostatistics for Reservoir Characterization.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:23 564K
00022695_Modeling Geological Heterogeneities and Its Impact on Flow Simulation.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:24 912K
00024742_Integrating Seismic Data in Reservoir Modeling The Collocated Cokriging Alternative.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:24 1.0M
00026418_Parallel Simulated Annealing for Stochastic Reservoir Modeling.pdf 19-May-2005 12:54 1.0M
00026419_A New, Fast Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Reservoir Characterization.pdf 19-May-2005 12:54 1.1M
00027563_STORM_Integrated 3D Stochastic Reservoir Modeling Tool for Geologists and Reservoir Engineers.pdf 26-Jan-2004 13:54 1.1M
00028413_Geostatistical Modeling of Permeability With Annealing Cosimulation (ACS) .pdf 19-May-2005 12:52 831K
00029670_Creating 3-D Reservoir Models Using Areal Geostatistical Techniques Combined with Vertical Well Data.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:12 849K
00030591_Use of Well Test Data in Stochastic Reservoir Modelling.pdf 19-Nov-2003 12:37 634K
00035345_Applications of Simulated Annealing on Actual but Atypical Permeability Data.pdf 19-May-2005 12:53 875K
00035478_Building Geostatistical Models Constrained by Dynamic Data - A Posteriori Constraints.pdf 19-Nov-2003 12:37 954K
00036510_The Permeability Variogram from Pressure Transients of Multiple Wells_Theory and 1-D Application.pdf 27-Feb-2004 15:30 714K
00038748_Overview of an Integrated Process Model to Develop Petrophysical Based Reservoir Descriptions.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:42 412K
00038752_Integration of Geostatistics and Well Test to Validate a Priori Geological Models for the Dynamic Simulation_Case Study.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:42 843K
00049026_Stochastic Reservoir Simulation Using Neural Networks Trained on Outcrop Data.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:25 1.3M
00049055_Improved Methods for Multivariate Optimization of Field Development.pdf 02-Dec-2003 19:28 452K
00049289_Simulation of Permeability Field Conditioned to Well Test Data.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:25 1.2M
00049964_Integration of Fuzzy Methods into Geostatistics for Petrophysical Property Distribution.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:43 630K
00053881_Use of effective properties for characterisation of a naturally fractured reservoir in East Venezuela.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:43 279K
00053980_Time-Critical Decision Making Using PC-Based Reservoir Simulation.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:44 184K
00053986_Flow Simulation Study of the Namorado Sandstone (Albacora Field, offshore Brazil) Accounting for Scaling of Petrophysical Properties.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:44 617K
00054307_The Role of Geology in Stochastic Reservoir Modelling_The Future Trends..pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:45 44K
00056515_Characterizing Fluid Saturation Distribution Using Cross-Well Seismic and Well Data_A Geostatistical Study.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:45 458K
00056518_Efficient Conditioning of 3D Fine-Scale Reservoir Model To Multiphase Production Data Using Streamline-Based Coarse-Scale Inversion and Geostatistical Downscaling.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:46 905K
00056554_A New Efficient Averaging Technique for Scaleup of Multimillion-Cell Geologic Models.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:47 1.1M
00056652_Breaking of a Paradigm_Geology Can Provide 3D Complex Probability Fields for Stochastic Facies Modelling.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:48 644K
00056654_Methodology for Variogram Interpretation and Modeling for Improved Reservoir Characterization.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:48 284K
00056656_The Barua Field, Venezuela_Comparison of the Results and Process of Deterministic versus Stochastic Reservoir Characterization.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:50 2.8M
00056682_Conditioning 3D Stochastic Channels to Pressure Data.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:51 1.6M
00056703_Reducing Uncertainties in Production Forecasts by Constraining Geological Modeling to Dynamic Data.pdf 19-Nov-2003 12:37 264K
00056733_Using Artificial Intelligence to Corellate Multiple Seismic Attributes to Reservoir Properties.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:51 1.1M
00056736_Using 3D seismic-derived information in lithofacies simulations. A case study.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:51 396K
00056804_Integration of Core and Log Information To Improve the Representation of Small-Medium-Scale Heterogeneity.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:52 188K
00056822_Geostatistical Scaling Laws Applied to Core and Log Data.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:52 196K
00056823_Conditioning of L?-Stable Fractal Reservoir Models to Seismic Data.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:53 450K
00059408_Estimation of Reservoir Properties by Monte Carlo Simulation.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:54 732K
00059425_Integrating Resistivity Data with Production Data for Improved.pdf 02-Dec-2003 19:11 279K
00062902_Cross-Discipline Integration in Reservoir Modeling_The Impact on Fluid Flow Simulation and Reservoir Management.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:56 2.0M
00062905_A Multiresolution Approach to reservoir Parameter Esimation.pdf 02-Dec-2003 19:15 508K
00062976_A Direct Method for the Identification of the Permeability Field of an Anisotropic Porous Medium.pdf 27-Feb-2004 15:31 1.0M
00063065_Surrogate Modeling-Based Optimization for the Integration of Static and Dynamic Data Into a Reservoir Description.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:56 174K
00065429_Reservoir Characterization Constrained to Well-Test Data_A Field Example ..pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:57 326K
00066310_Geostatistical Quantification of Geological Information for a Fluvial-Type North Sea Reservoir.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:57 612K
00066350_Prediction of Oil Production With Confidence Intervals.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:57 741K
00069481_Application of seismic attribute filtering with Factorial Kriging to estimate porous volume_A case study on a Brazilian east coast.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:22 732K
00069483_Reservoir Geophysics_Seismic Pattern Recognition Applied to Ultra-Deepwater Oilfield in Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:38 3.2M
00069654_Stochastic Modeling of Rock Heterogeneities Applying New Autocorrelation Estimators and Simulated Annealing.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:23 756K
00071324_Reservoir Modeling Using Multiple-Point Statistics.pdf 21-Nov-2003 16:25 188K
00071335_Constraining Reservoir Facies Models to Dynamic Data - Impact of Spatial Distribution Uncertainty on Production Forecasts.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:26 456K
00071489_Determining Relative Permeability Exponents Near the Residual Saturation.pdf 27-Feb-2004 15:31 284K
00071597_Technique to Integrate Production and Static Data in a Self-Consistent Way.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:27 348K
00075246_Geological Characterization Of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Multiple Point Geostatistics.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:58 773K
00077425_Modeling of a Deepwater Turbidite Reservoir Conditional to Seismic Data Using Multiple-Point Geostatistics.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:12 559K
00077426_Feature-Based Geostatistics_An Application to a Submarine Channel Reservoir.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:58 496K
00077429_Geostatistical History Matching Under Training-Image Based Geological Model Constraints.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:14 777K
00077741_Construction of Fracture Network Model Using Static and Dynamic Data.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:59 1.1M
00077958_Reservoir Modelling With Neural Networks And Geostatistics_A Case Study From The Lower Tertiary Of The Shengli Oilfield.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:16 2.0M
00078207_Quantifying the Fracture Mechanics Properties of Rock for Fractured Reservoir Characterization.pdf 26-Sep-2003 11:59 1.4M
00078510_Fully Integrated 3D-Reservoir Characterization and Flow Simulation Study_A Field Case Example.pdf 27-Apr-2004 08:51 630K
00079669_What is Relevant to Flow_A Comprehensive Study Using a Shallow Marine Reservoir.pdf 26-Sep-2003 12:00 3.2M
00081497_Ranking and Upscaling of Geostatistical Reservoir Models Using Streamline Simulation_A Field Case Study.pdf 21-Aug-2003 16:18 402K
00081503_History Matching of Object-Based Stochastic Reservoir Models.pdf 12-Jul-2004 13:47 335K
00084052_Integrated Geostatistical Reservoir Characterization of Turbidite Sandstone Deposits in Chicontepec Basin, Gulf of Mexico.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:49 2.2M
00084053_Modeling Facies Bodies and Petrophysical Trends in Turbidite Reservoirs.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:49 843K
00084055_Geostatistical Prediction of Sand Distribution of Gas Reservoir in Jilin, China.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:49 970K
00084273_In Search of an Optimal Parameterization_ An Innovative Approach to Reservoir Data Integration.pdf 19-Nov-2003 13:03 422K
00084274_A Case Study of a Fine Scale Integrated Geological, Geophysical, Petrophysical, and Reservoir Simulation Reservoir Characterization With Uncertainty Estimation.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:50 561K
00084276_Accounting for Interpreted Well Test Pore Volumes in Reservoir Modeling.pdf 19-Nov-2003 13:03 953K
00084368_A Two-Level Optimization Method for Geostatistical Integration of Production Data on Non-Uniform Grids.pdf 26-Apr-2004 17:08 767K
00084412_Integration of Seismic Anisotropy and Reservoir Performance Data for Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Discrete Feature Network Models.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:50 1.2M
00084413_Fracture Characterization for Integrated Studies A new approach and its applications.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:50 3.7M
00084414_Case Study Merging Modern Reservoir Characterization with Traditional Reservoir Engineering.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:50 744K
00084467_Updating Stochastic Reservoir Models With New Production Data.pdf 26-Apr-2004 17:49 930K
00084592_Iterative Integration of Dynamic Data in Reservoir Models.pdf 19-Nov-2003 13:03 409K
00084594_Automatic History Matching of Geologic Facies.pdf 19-May-2004 11:26 1.7M
00084876_An Innovative Approach To Integrate Fracture, Well Test and Production Data into Reservoir Models.pdf 19-Nov-2003 13:04 1.1M
00087009_Digital Core Laboratory_Reservoir-Core Properties Derived From 3D Images.pdf 10-Jun-2004 12:35 1.2M
00089991_Joint Estimation of Porosity and Saturation Using Stochastic Rock Physics Modeling.pdf 30-Aug-2004 09:51 322K
00090275_A Combined Geological, Geophysical and Rock Mechanics Approach to Naturally Fractured Reservoir Characterization and Its Applications.pdf 13-Nov-2004 08:59 695K
00090487_A Discrete Fracture Network Approach to Conditioning Petroleum Reservoir Models Using Seismic Anisotropy and Production Dynamic Data.pdf 30-Aug-2004 09:52 1.1M
00090553_Integrated Seismic-Guided Characterization of a Carbonate Reservoir in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E..pdf 30-Aug-2004 09:52 654K
00090643_Merging Outcrop Data and Geomechanical Information in Stochastic Models of Fractured Reservoirs.pdf 15-Oct-2004 09:00 536K
00090822_Improved Reservoir Simulation With Seismically Derived Fracture Models.pdf 11-Nov-2004 08:23 680K
00091054_Spectral Component Geologic Modeling An Improved Method for Integrating Seismic Data into Geologic Models.pdf 30-Aug-2004 09:52 4.4M
00092031_Seismically Driven Improved Fractured Reservoir Characterization.pdf 15-Oct-2004 09:01 770K
3-D Reservoir Characterization of the House Creek Oil Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming.htm 17-Jun-2004 11:59 11K
A Multiple-scale, Pattern-based Approach to Reservoir Characterization.pdf 10-Sep-2003 01:51 649K
Characterization of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Triple-Porosity System.pdf 09-Jun-2004 11:17 47K
DOE-BC-14894-15_Application of artificial intelligence to reservoir characterization An interdisciplinary approach. Final report.pdf 20-Feb-2005 16:24 22M
Digital Core Laboratory_Reservoir-Core Properties Derived From 3D Images.doc 10-Jun-2004 11:50 58K
Downscaling in complex geological environments using multiple-point geostatistics.pdf 11-Feb-2004 15:09 91K
ECMOR2002_Facies Simulation using Membership functions and Multi P-Field.pdf 07-Jun-2004 17:11 541K
Estimating the boundary surface between geologic formations from 3D seismic data using neural networks and geostatistics.pdf 17-Jan-2005 08:45 261K
Evesham Field West Central Saskatchewan, Canada Plurigaussian Lithofacies Modelling of the Sparky Member, Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group.pdf 07-Jun-2004 17:04 62K
Fluvial meandering channelized reservoirs_a stochastic & process-based approach.pdf 27-Mar-2005 08:20 1.3M
Integration of sequence stratigraphy concepts into multiple-point geostatistical models.pdf 15-Jul-2005 10:10 157K
Marked Point Models for Facies Units Conditioned on Well Data.pdf 21-Nov-2003 15:45 141K
Marked Point Models for Facies Units Conditioned on Well 21-Nov-2003 15:44 87K
Marked point models with complex conditioning used for modelling of shales.pdf 21-Nov-2003 15:51 196K
Marked point models with complex conditioning used for modelling of 21-Nov-2003 15:51 209K
Modelos en Nucleos/ 14-Jan-2005 10:45 -
Multiple-point geostatistics a quantitative vehicle for integrating geologic analogs into multiple reservoir models.pdf 11-Feb-2004 15:05 598K
Quantitative Use of Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization.pdf 07-Jun-2005 16:42 422K
RPI_FLUJO INTEGRADO DE TRABAJO.pdf 28-Feb-2005 13:37 307K
Reservoir Characterization Integrating Well Observations, Seismic Data and Production History.pdf 21-Nov-2003 15:46 1.9M
Reservoir Characterization Integrating Well Observations, Seismic Data and Production 21-Nov-2003 15:45 8.3M
Reservoir Characterization References.doc 19-Nov-2003 18:40 32K
Reservoir Characterization References.xls 11-Nov-2004 10:51 28K
Sequential Simulation under local non-linear constraints_Application to history matching.pdf 15-Jul-2005 10:11 279K
Stochastic Modeling of Geological Heterogeneity.pdf 07-Jun-2004 17:09 900K
Stratigraphy and Oil_A Review_Part 2_Characterization of Reservoirs and Sequence Stratigraphy_Quantification and Modeling.pdf 07-Jun-2005 16:51 2.1M
beucher_Filling with petrophysical properties.pdf 26-Mar-2005 08:59 2.3M
beucher_Reservoir characterization.pdf 26-Mar-2005 08:57 1.7M
jun02_02_Quantitative Use of Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization.pdf 07-Jun-2005 16:43 337K

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011 xDash.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 165K
012 Natural Language Steganography.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 2.6M
013 The Art of Fingerprinting.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:01 1.1M
014 Feuriges Hacken.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 497K
015 Sicherheit bei VoIP-Systemen.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 88K
016 Phishing the Web.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 763K
017 Next Generation Peer to Peer Systems.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 1.0M
019 Verdeckte Netzwerkanalyse.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:00 712K
023 Ciphire Mail.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 1.0M
026 SAP R3 Protocol Reverse Engineering.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 659K
027 Biometrie in Ausweisdokumenten.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 335K
029 Robocup.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:43 3.2M
037 GNOME Anwendungsentwicklung.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:52 817K
038 Free Software Usage in South America.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:45 569K
039 Squeak and Croquet.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:53 1.0M
040 Firewall Piercing.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:59 1.9M
041 Einfuehrung in Kryptographische Methoden.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 98K
042 Cored Programming.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 196K
044 Machine Learning in Science and Engineering.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:39 4.3M
045 Internet Censorship in China.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:52 575K
046 Tollcollect.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 1.1M
047 Datamining the NSA.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 28K
049 Zufallszahlengeneratoren.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:37 485K
051 Recent features to OpenBSD-ntpd and bgpd.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 898K
052 Die Ueblichen Verdaechtigen.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:34 47K
053 Enforcing the GNU GPL.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 77K
055 CCC-Jahresrueckblick.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 99K
056 LiberTOS.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 197K
057 SUN Bloody Daft Solaris Mechanisms.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 116K
058 The Blinking Suspects.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:38 1.1M
059 Wikipedia Sociographics.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:38 3.0M
060 Digital Prosthetics.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:40 341K
062 Hacking EU funding for a FOSS project.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 756K
063 Edit This Page.pdf 22-Oct-2005 03:41 1.3M
064 Trusted Computing.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:47 1.0M
065 Grundlagen des Compilerdesign.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:41 1.2M
066 Bluetooth Hacking.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 354K
067 Inside PDF.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 115K
068 NOC Overview.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:34 1.2M
070 Fnord-Jahresrueckblick.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 3.4M
072 The Reality of Network Address Translators.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:00 64K
077 Weird Programming 2.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:46 2.2M
078 Aspects of Elliptic Curve Cryptography.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 416K
079 AVG aint vector graphics.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 3.0M
080 USB-Unbekannter Serieller Bus.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:54 973K
081 Quantenmechanik fuer Nicht Physiker.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:56 1.5M
083 Quanteninformationstheorie fuer Nicht Physiker.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:01 1.3M
095 Security Nightmares 2005.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:01 88K
097 Das Literarische Code-Quartett.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:45 912K
098 Portable Software-Installation with pkg source.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:40 261K
099 GPL fuer Anfaenger.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 269K
100 Anonymous communications.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 83K
101 XMPP - Jabber.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 92K
105 Honeypot Forensics.pdf 22-Oct-2005 18:20 669K
107 Embedded Devices as an attack vector.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:00 298K
108 The Convergence of Anti-Counterfeiting and Computer Security.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 1.9M
109 Anti-Honeypot Techniques.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:54 1.3M
110 Applied Data Mining.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:41 219K
111 The Kernel Accelerator Device.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 224K
113 Automated Hacking via Google.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:42 78K
114 Der 2. Korb der Urheberrechtsnovelle.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:42 380K
115 The Fiasco Kernel.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:37 742K
117 Kampagne Fair Sharing.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:51 147K
118 Verified Fiasco.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:40 1.6M
120 Softwarepatente - Ruestzeug zur Debatte.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:46 149K
121 Black Ops of DNS.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:55 3.7M
122 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under German Private Law.pdf 22-Oct-2005 16:11 78K
123 Gentoo Hardened.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 197K
125 Old Skewl Hacking Infra Red.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:00 4.9M
126 Apache Security.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 1.8M
127 Security Frameworks.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 103K
129 Die Propagandawueste des realen Krieges.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:43 94K
130 Physical Security.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:51 1.6M
131 Learning OpenPGP by Example.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:47 288K
134 Secure Instant Messaging.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 121K
135 Voting Machine Technology.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 83K
136 Hacking Linux-Powered Devices.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:45 2.6M
140 A Fat Girls Intimate Perspective on Hacker Culture and Spaces.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 2.7M
146 Mehr Sicherheit fuer HostAP-WLANs.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 656K
151 Side Channel Analysis of Smart Cards.pdf 22-Oct-2005 21:20 1.5M
153 Suchmaschinenpolitik.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:34 3.3M
158 How to find anything on the web.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:00 2.1M
159 State of Emergent Democracy.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:50 486K
163 SPAM Workshop.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 44K
165 Softwarepatente - Der Tag danach.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:47 905K
168 Spampolitik.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:59 1.7M
176 Passive covert channels in the Linux kernel.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:47 1.5M
178 Humanoid Robots.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 2.5M
183 Tor.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 3.3M
187 Einfuehrung in die Rastersondenmikroskopie.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:54 1.0M
207 Amateurfunk.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:01 1.7M
208 GameCube Hacking.pdf 22-Oct-2005 16:42 1.7M
213 Haskell.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:36 681K
214 Kryptographie in Theorie und Praxis.pdf 22-Oct-2005 18:58 914K
216 Hacking The Genome.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:41 1.7M
218 Practical MacOS X Insecurities.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:59 167K
232 Positionsbezogene Ad-hoc Kollaboration ueber WLAN.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:43 3.1M
242 Weird Programming 1.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 1.1M
244 High Speed Computing with FPGAs.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:51 141K
246 RFID Technologie und Implikationen.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 866K
250 Lightning Talk-NetBSD Status Report.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 651K
253 Pixels want to be many.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:57 49K
255 Pixels want to talk.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:47 1.2M
271 Hidden Data in Internet Published Documents.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 3.2M
272 Sicherheitsmanagement.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:51 476K
273 Crashkurs Mathematik am Beispiel Biometrie.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:59 566K
274 Praktische Anleitung zum Bau eines Radiosenders.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:51 143K
277 Das Programmiersystem Forth.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:40 759K
278 TKUeV-Das Ohr am Draht.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 202K
289 Mixing VJing and Post-Production.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:49 86K
306 Ruby.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:44 366K
308 MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:58 154K
310 Information-Wissen-Macht.pdf 22-Oct-2005 18:44 3.7M
313 Biometrie als datenschutzrechtliches Problem.pdf 27-Jun-2005 21:01 105K
315 Fight for your Right to Fileshare.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:48 637K
316 Bericht von den BigBrotherAwards.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:46 293K
317 Unsicherheit von Personal Firewalls.pdf 27-Jun-2005 20:35 289K

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Automated Decision-Making.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:17 289k
Beyond Spectrum Allocation.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:17 92k
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Bioinformatics Grid.pdf 12-Feb-2006 13:45 130k
BitTorrent Explained.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 62k
Blackberry in Congress.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:18 190k
Blocked_sites_list.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:18 113k
Blogging_defined.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:18 49k
Bob Gates on Cyberterrorism.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:19 44k
Business Week_on_Ideo.pdf 12-Aug-2004 16:41 843k
CIA does anthrax.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:20 44k
COPA Challenged.pdf 24-Oct-2006 22:20 157k
Canuck Hactivism against China.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 212k
Censorin Gays in Bama.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:19 48k
Censoring_FOR_the_PRC.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:19 77k
Censorware.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:19 40k
Clustered_Computing.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:20 33k
ConservativeLogic.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:20 191k
Cyberdissident Handbook.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 1.1M
DNA Computing.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:21 112k
Danger_on_the_Web.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:20 43k
Dangerous_Dissertation.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:20 16k
Digital Home Myth.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:01 200k
Digital Revolution 4.2.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 21k
Electronic_Nose.pdf 12-Aug-2004 16:41 104k
Emergent_Democracy.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:21 263k
End of HTML-Maybe.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:23 23k
Enforcing_Natl_Laws_on_Net.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:01 49k
EvoInventions.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:02 279k
Evolutionary_Programming2.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:02 275k
Flexible_Software_ Factory.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:03 58k
Google and Info on Daily 29-Aug-2006 14:22 24.2M
Google strategy chart.jpg 29-Aug-2006 14:22 1.8M
Granovetter.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:04 429k
Grid_Computing_Defined.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:04 63k
Hacktivismo.pdf">Hacktivismo.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:04 140k
How Wikipedia Works.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 104k
IEEE on Chinese Web Blocking.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:05 133k
Innovation &amp; Technical Overreach.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:05 40k
Internet, Networks, and Terror.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:06 169k
Internet_+_Terror.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:06 169k
Kehoe_Org_Capital.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:07 273k
MIT_Future_of_Computing.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:08 80k
MPL_Porn_Crisis.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:09 948k
Metadata_Made_Easy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:07 138k
Multivalent_Documents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:10 552k
Network Society-Shift in Cognitive Ecology.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:11 74k
Networked_Organizations.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:11 50k
Non-Racist_car_e-buying.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:12 178k
O'Reilly Beyond the Web.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 229k
O'Reilly_on_p2p.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:12 50k
OpenSource_Best!.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:13 48k
Overprotecting_Kids.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:13 22k
P2P + IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:14 250k
Paulos on Terrorism.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 18k
Pew Trust-State of the Net, 2004.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:16 674k
Pew on Internet Scl Ntwks.pdf 12-Feb-2006 13:45 961k
Pinch on Rep Systems.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 355k
PlanetLab_Computing_Project.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:16 29k
Privacy &amp; Scl Web Sites.pdf 24-Sep-2006 16:30 31k
Punching_Holes.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:16 42k
Reactionary Analysis - End of FCC.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:17 172k
Rec Systems Consequences.pdf 26-Sep-2005 09:58 77k
Resnick_RepSys.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:17 66k
SIMS_on-line.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 26k
SIM_Suburbia.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 201k
Semantic_Web.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:18 219k
Shadow Internet.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:19 61k
Smart People, Bad Ideas.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 566k
Social_&amp;_Info_Networks.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 45k
Social_Life_of_Paper.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 37k
Software-ecosystem.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 26k
Software_evolution_theory.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 93k
Spectrum capacity myth FCC TAC.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 69k
Status of EU IT.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 1.8M
Storage_vs_Processing.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 21k
Storytelling Managers.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 105k
Student iPods Outlawed.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 28k
System_failures.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 46k
Techno-Porn.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 134k
The Net in 15 Years.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 150k
Tim Wu on Chinese Filtering.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 121k
Triangle_Boy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 61k
Turkle on Social Ntwkng Sites.pdf 24-Sep-2006 16:30 37k
US_v_ALA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 748k
Ubiquitous Findability.pdf 12-Feb-2006 13:44 74k
VoIP_Debate.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 35k
WWW_Retrospective+Grid.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 42k
WebServices_and_MS.NET.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 194k
Web_Services_Basics.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 43k
Why Friendster Failed.pdf 23-Oct-2006 20:36 40k
Wired on ChoicePoint.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:21 39k
e-paper.pdf 09-Sep-2005 13:21 109k
freenet-revised.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 209k
iPod and Real format War.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:06 35k
nanotech.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:11 168k
p2prevolution.pdf </A>>21-Sep-2005 17:14 95k
smart_sandia_computer.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:20 300k

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Babe_video_fighters.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:17 187k
Bill_Joy's_Future.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 117k
Blackberry_in_Congress.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 190k
Broadband_as_panacea.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 107k
Capn_Crunch_Bio.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 39k
Castronova.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 391k
Chinux.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 85k
Cohen.pdf 08-Apr-2006 13:54 32k
Computers_in_Schools.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 125k
Cyberselfish.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 95k
DNA_Computing.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 112k
Digital Michelangelo.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 45k
Digital_Michelangelo.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 45k
Digital_foto_printing.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 217k
Distributed_Computing.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 100k
Eisenberg.pdf 08-Apr-2006 13:54 112k
Etzioni.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 99k
First_Quantum_Computer.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 202k
Gates_vs_Open-Source.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 14k
GeekRevenge.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 51k
Gnome_&amp;_GUIs.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 58k
Google_on_Web_Data_Decay.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 17k
Grid_Computing_Defined.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 517k
HackerFemmes.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 432k
Hacker_Manifesto.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 56k
Hacker_femmes_II.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 54k
Hacktivismo.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 140k
HardDriveHistory.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 89k
IP_ver_6.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 19k
InfoWarfare.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 96k
Ito.pdf 08-Apr-2006 13:54 123k
Johnson_on_Emergent_Systems.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 54k
Kakutani.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 110k
Laws_in_Virtual_Space.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 26k
Lessig+Hacker_Ethic.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:20 172k
Libertarianism.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 309k
Linux_vs_NT.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 53k
M$_Hacked!.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 33k
M$_War_on_Open_Source.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 156k
M$_contre_OpenSource_1.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 180k
M$_contre_OpenSource_2.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 166k
McVeigh, Hello Kitty.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 382k
MidEast_Hackers.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 86k
Mining_Unstructured_Data.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 346k
Napster_tech.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 105k
NetSoc-Chg_in_Cog_Ecol.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 74k
NewEther.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 156k
OSX_&amp;_Unix.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 87k
OSX_as_culture.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 100k
Posthuman.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:21 55k
Productivity_Doubts.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 135k
RaymondDefendsGeek.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 218k
Raymond_on_M$_vs_OpenSource.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 118k
Raymond_on_Open_Source.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 135k
Review of Ludlow's High Noon.pdf 01-Sep-2005 09:46 136k
Review_of_Artificial Knowng.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 16k
Riordan.pdf 08-Apr-2006 13:54 32k
Risk_Programme.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 64k
SIM Suburbia.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 201k
SIMS on-line.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 26k
Schatz_on_Interspace.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 891k
SexualSelection.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 212k
Silicon_Valley_anthro.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 98k
Smart People, Bad Ideas.pdf 01-Sep-2005 09:46 229k
Social &amp; Info Networks.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 45k
Social Life of Paper.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 37k
Software evolution theory.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 93k
Techno-Porn.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 134k
Third_Culture.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 36k
Unix_&amp;_OSX.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 61k
Unskilled and Clueless about It.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:21 89k
cemi_theory_paper.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 123k
dB_Theorist_Dies.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 171k
data_integrity.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:18 486k
digital_diploma_mill_&amp;_repl.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 60k
digital_university.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:19 41k
relational_dBs.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:22 115k
top10Algorithms.pdf 12-Aug-2004 19:23 5k

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index of parent directory
2_Buy_or_Pirate_Music.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:32 307k
Acerbic Gillmor on IP issues.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:32 20k
Acid_Gillmor_on_IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:32 20k
Apple_Real_and_DMCA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:32 82k
Artists_Omitted.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:28 286k
BT Owns Links.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 238k
BT_Owns_Links.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 238k
Barlow.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:33 46k
Basic_IntellProp_Issues.pdf 12-Aug-2004 16:49 95k
Berkman Center Openness Roadmap.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:33 463k
Berkman_Ctr_Digital_Content_Study.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:33 472k
Biz2onCC.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:33 87k
Blackburn on Piracy &amp; Music Sales.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 306k
Boucher Defends Fair Use.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 22k
Boucher_Defends_Fair_Use.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:33 22k
Branding + PrivatiziDir 21-Sep-2005 17:34 1.6M
Business Process Patents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 64k
Business_Process_Patents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 64k
CED on IP Summary.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 20k
CPRM IP protection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 83k
CPRM_IP_protection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 83k
CTEA_analysis.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 45k
Cathedral-Bazaar.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 145k
Chinese IP Piracy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 42k
Committee for Economic Development on IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 618k
Content_Provs_vs_Techies.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:29 33k
Content_is_Not_King.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 121k
Copy-Prot HDs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 95k
Copy-Prot_HDs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 95k
CopyPrivilege1.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 31k
CopyPrivilege2.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 33k
CopyProt to set tight stds.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 93k
CopyProt_to_set_tight_stds.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 93k
CopyWrongII.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 74k
Copyright Cartel.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 68k
Copyright as Cudgel.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 37k
CopyrightWars.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 36k
Copyright_Cartel.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 68k
Copyright_Extension_Appeal.loc 21-Sep-2005 17:34 0k
Copyright_Tyranny.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 38k
Copyright_as_Cudgel.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:34 37k
Courtney_Love_IP_Rant.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 75k
Create Community.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 97k
Creative Commons Emerges.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 32k
Creative_Commons_Emerges.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 32k
Cringely on Patent Reform.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 72k
Crisis_at_PTO-Again.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 23k
Critique of Palladium.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 97k
Critique_of_Palladium.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 97k
Critique_of_iTMS_DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 88k
DMCA Harper's Index.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 42k
DMCA_Harper's_Index.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 46k
DeCSS complications.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 27k
DeCSS_Wrinkles.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:30 126k
DeCSS_complications.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 27k
DeCeSS crisis.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:59 128k
DeCeSS_crisis.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 128k
Defining Public Domain.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 23k
Defining the Commons.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 313k
Defining_Public_Domain.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 23k
Defining_the_Commons.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 313k
Diamond_v_Chakrabarty.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 17k
Diebold_Flaws_+_DMCA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 24k
Doctorow on DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:36 502k
Documents_on_IP.html 08-Sep-2003 16:30 9k
Double_CD_Royalities.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:37 46k
EECS_Dissertation_Illegal.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:37 20k
EFF Sklyarov docs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 63k
EFF on DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 231k
EFF on DVD copy prot.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 27k
EFF-DMCA_consequences.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 339k
EFF_Sklyarov_docs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 63k
EFF_on_DVD_copy_prot.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 27k
EFFonHdweProtection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 86k
EU Disses MS Passport.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 46k
EU Software Patenting Debate.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 64k
Economics of Music DLs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:37 22k
Eisenberg, Anti-Commons.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 93k
End of Copy Protection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 89k
End_of_Copy_Protection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 89k
End_of_Web_Radio.pdf </A>>21-Sep-2005 17:38 59k
Euro IP Tax.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 33k
FTC Hits MS Passport.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 54k
Fair_Use_Rights.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 15k
Fair_Use_in_USC.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 41k
File_Sharing_v_CD_Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 376k
Forbes Analysis of Grokster.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:38 28k
Gartner+Harvard_on_IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 413k
GenePatents.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:31 184k
GenomePatents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 13k
Gillmor on IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 20k
Gillmor_on_Copyright_Cartel.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 68k
Gillmor_on_IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 20k
Ginsburg_Authorship.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 247k
Ginsburg_Authorship_+_Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 247k
Gleick_on_Patents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:44 122k
Grokster Decision Text.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 322k
Groucho_to_JackWarner.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 70k
Guardian (UK) on IP.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 22k
H'wood vs Digital TV.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 47k
Harris.pdf 21-Jan-2006 13:24 61k
History_of_US_Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 102k
Hollings vs Open Source.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 151k
Hollywood vs Tech (Best).pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 25k
Hollywood_vs_HighTech.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 198k
Hollywood_vs_Tech_(Best).pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 25k
IBM Patent Strategy.pdf 12-Apr-2005 08:43 29k
IBM Seeks (Good) Patent Reform.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 33k
IEEE on RIM &amp; NPT.pdf </A>29-Aug-2006 14:22 138k
IP + Library Digitization.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 736k
IP_Essays.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 46k
IP_Rts_on_Web_Standards.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 12k
Implementing Fair Use.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 83k
Indian Pharm %5bnon-%5dpatents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 50k
IntellCapital.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:32 189k
Is_Info_Property.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 14k
Jacobs_Copyright_Basics.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 130k
Jaffe on Patent dB.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:45 168k
Janis_Ian_on_DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:46 169k
LC_Report_on_DMCA.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:33 834k
Legal Status of OpenSource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 249k
Legal_Status_of_OpenSource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:47 249k
Lessig v Valenti 2.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 197k
Lessig v Valenti.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 40k
Lessig's_Creative_Commons.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:47 137k
Lessig, 3-28-00.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 134k
Lessig,_3-28-00.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:47 134k
Lessig_on_Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:47 26k
Lessig_on_Net_&amp;_Reg.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 26k
Lessig_v_Valenti.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 40k
Lessig_v_Valenti_2.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 197k
Litman.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 220k
Loaned e-books expire.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 548k
M$ Losing War with opensource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 128k
M$ uses IP to Hit OpenGL.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 13k
M$ vs DOD on OpenSource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 10k
M$ vs Open-Source.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 34k
M$_vs_DOD_on_OpenSource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 10k
M$_vs_Open-Source.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 34k
MP3ers_Buy_More_Music.txt 21-Sep-2005 17:49 4k
MP3s and CD Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 84k
MP3s_Help_CD_Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 84k
MP3s_Increases_Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 46k
MPAAcontent_protection.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 158k
MPEG-LA's Cell DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 359k
MS &amp; IBM with IP on Web Standards.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 12k
MS DRM Talk.pdf">MS DRM Talk.pdf</A>21-Sep-2005 17:49 59k
MS Soft on Chinese Piracy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 81k
MS_Soft_on_Chinese_Piracy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 81k
Markoff on End of Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 82k
Mechanik_on_Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 37k
Media_Ownership_Chart.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 393k
Media_Titans.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:48 76k
Millennium Copyright Act.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 21k
Monitoring p2p for Marketing.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:23 320k
Monsanto Sues Farmers.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 18k
Music distribution after Napster 21-Sep-2005 17:49 43k
Music_dist_post-Napster 21-Sep-2005 17:49 43k
Musicians'_IP_+_Income.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 144k
Musicians_Royalties.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 50k
NPR_on_Music_Biz 29-Aug-2006 14:23 -
Napster impasses.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 72k
News on Eldred Case.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 94k
Ninth Circuit Grokster Opinion.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:49 128k
O'Reilly_on_p2p.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 50k
Open-Source in Govt.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 187k
OpenSource &amp; CopyLeft.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 23k
OpenSource_Best!.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 48k
OpenSource_History.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 23k
Over-wrought patenting.txt 29-Aug-2006 14:23 3k
P2P + IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 250k
P2P Sharing &amp; RIAA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 95k
P2P networks strong.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 36k
P2P_+_IP.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 250k
P2P_Sharing_&amp;_RIAA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 95k
P2P_networks_strong.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 36k
PTO Problems.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 33k
Palladium - MS Control Nexus.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 103k
Palladium and DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:01 322k
Palladium_Controls.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 103k
Palladium_and_DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:51 322k
Patent Reform + Innovation.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 161k
Patent Reform.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 117k
Patent Wars in Finan Services.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:23 29k
Patent_Future.PDF 08-Sep-2003 16:36 48k
Patent_Law_Overview.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 31k
Patent_for_Naan-Atta_Flour_Milling.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 55k
Patenting a Bean.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 36k
Patently Absurd.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 349k
Patently_Absurd.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 349k
Pirates buy lots of legal music.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 46k
Public Library of Science.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 252k
RIAA in Court.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 27k
RIAA vs Gnutella.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 14k
RIAA's_DMCA_Bot_Errs.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 43k
RIAA_Sued.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 35k
RIAA_Suits.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 172k
RIAA_in_Court.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 27k
RIAA_vs_Gnutella.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 14k
ReasonMag_on_DRM.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 51k
RedHat_Eludes_DMCA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 54k
Register Analysis of Grokster.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 137k
Rethinking_CTEA.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:37 54k
Rethinking_Copyright_Extension 21-Sep-2005 17:54 54k
Reverse_Engin_+_Intell_Prop.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:37 103k
Ripping Star Wars.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 16k
SA_Govt_Goes_Open-Source.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:54 187k
SCO_Suit.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 412k
SDMI crackable.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 22k
Samuelson_IP_and_Privacy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 477k
Schlafly_on_Copyright.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 16k
Sentence Hackers for Life.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 22k
Sharing Helps Sell Music.html 21-Sep-2005 18:02 5k
Sharing Increases Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 60k
Sharing_Helps_Sell_Music.html 21-Sep-2005 17:55 5k
Sharing_Increases_Sales.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 60k
Sklyarov case.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 26k
Son_of_DMCA.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:37 152k
Studies of p2p impact on music.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:23 86k
Summary of Annenberg Report.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 15k
TCPA &amp; Palladium FAQ.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 26k
TRIPs_Agreement_text.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 49k
The Full RIM Patent Story.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:23 79k
The average Royalty rate for.textClipping 21-Sep-2005 17:55 0k
Trusted_Computing.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 289k
URL_for_Copyright_Extension.txt 08-Sep-2003 16:38 1k
US v ALA.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 748k
US+WIPO+OpenSource.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 11k
U_Science_&amp;_Biotech.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 58k
United States Patent- 6,200,605.webloc 21-Sep-2005 17:56 0k
VoIP_in_Africa.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 328k
W3C patent policy.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:03 1.6M
WMP encryption broken.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:03 105k
Web_Protocols_as_IntellProp.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:57 15k
Wintel Secure Computing Woes.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:57 26k
XP_Fees_Globally.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:57 105k
agro-patents.pdf 16-Sep-2003 09:00 125k
anti-SSSCA.webloc 21-Sep-2005 17:32 0k
anti_hollings.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:32 17k
dmca.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:35 81k
dotcom deaths.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 69k
freelancer rights.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:00 16k
getcreative 21-Sep-2005 17:44 -
gilmoreintel.txt 21-Sep-2005 17:44 10k
iTunes Royalties Stink.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 101k
iTunes_Business_Model.pdf 29-Aug-2006 14:22 56k
imageLicensing.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:32 112k
intro2opensource.pdf </A>>08-Sep-2003 16:32 71k
lessig-Google 29-Aug-2006 14:23 -
model_paper.doc 08-Sep-2003 16:35 42k
patents stop W3C innovation.pdf 21-Sep-2005 18:02 138k
pre-emptive_patents.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:52 29k
sniffing p2p packets.pdf 21-Sep-2005 17:55 27k
tinsel.swf 21-Sep-2005 17:56 1.4M
webcasting_AppxA.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:40 312k
webcasting_AppxB.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:40 76k
webcasting_AppxC.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:40 170k
webcasting_rates.pdf 08-Sep-2003 16:40 604k

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